In addition to MOOCs, various other types of online courses were mentioned, including webinars, custom online courses for professionals, and academic and lifelong learning programs. In response to the question, "What do you think are the most important ways your company can benefit from offering skills development opportunities to staff members? A career in tourism thus requires good or great communication skills as customers from other nationality also come in the role while you will be working. Skilled marketers can thrive in the travel and tourism industry, in charge of company or destination campaigns. If you do not know the person who you are talking to and what they exactly are, the harder will it be for you to make them happy. Selling travel to a group of people is a little bit more challenging than other work of any Travel Consultant. Technical skills for a travel agent are important. Social learning: Make people at the center of training goals and learning experiences. Never should you leave this ever-changing world of opportunities. It goes without saying that digital transformation carries the future of the... 2. Of the total 105 responses collected, 46 survey participants selected the "Employer" category, and 60 "Employee". A great tip is to try asking more question and get the answers out of them that way. Of the total of 40 responses to the "Employer" category question about skill gaps, nine (23%) mentioned a skill area related to sustainability practices (e.g. Many also commented that these skill gaps they see need to be recognized not just for staff positions (e.g. In-person workshops, professionals conferences and classroom training events are the most common types of skills development opportunities that tourism organizations are offering their employees. We also take care of the top skills and qualities required for a travel consultant. Seek the best opportunities for your team’s specific needs and goals, within and outside of travel and tourism. Indulge and get yourself in travel agent jobs. Tourism industry employers, on the other hand, are not (yet) focusing on offering online learning opportunities for their staff members. Learn from your peers and offer to support them in realizing their ideas if you believe in them and that it will produce great results for the project. All this will lead on and will surely go a long way in making you a good, reliable Travel Agent. What goes around does come around and making money isn't as easy to work. An associates or bachelors degree in this course goes a long way in setting up the platform. 4. Being Internet savvy is the best quality skill a travel agent must obtain. ", the answer most frequently selected was "Improved employee satisfaction and engagement", followed by "Gaining competitive edge through skilled employees" and "Increased productivity". Every career requires some sort of skills and it is applicable in the travel and tourism industry too. Having knowledge about all is a great writ and thus will lead you in getting more packages delivered to the right customer that sought your service. This quality is a must for selling what you are offering your customer. Of those, 40% mentioned MOOCs. Of those, 40% mentioned MOOCs. Sell more packages, make more deals for the customers you are handling and have good knowledge of what goes on in the market. Technical skills and position-specific skills are identified by the largest numbers of respondents as most important. Getting Proper Education in that Field. A large number of those who selected the "Employee" category noted that ", More than half (53.3%) the respondents in the "Employee" category said they have participated in an online training course or e-learning program. For example, one participant mentioned a "passion for people" as being the most important professional trait to have. A travel agent cannot be sloppy with timing or details, as clients may miss vital flights needed for special occasions or miss out on that sale price because you didn’t book it in time. Of course, confidence comes with experience, so it is vital to be just as an effective listener. This is one quality every travel consultant should definitely harbour. It can be quite daunting having to assert yourself when you are new to the job or organisation. 5. ", the answer most frequently selected was ", Many tourism employers see skill gaps in sustainability-related areas for both staff and management positions. Administration skills are a great thing for one working as a Travel Agent. Needless to Travel Consultants must be able to multitask and thus being highly organized is one good vice every Travel Consultant must build. Join over 2300 Industry professionals who receive monthly information on training and capacity building opportunities in tourism. Many tourism employers see skill gaps in sustainability-related areas for both staff and management positions. In some cases, they do not have the same idea of what they want to do! Be prepared for anything as they may have different budgets and or different tastes and rounding off will be a little bit of a task. Many important soft and hard skills for tourism industry professionals are not specific to the tourism industry, but rather, broad transferrable professional skills and competencies. What goes on in the market, fresh news, new deals and more so about new technologies do become and keeping tabs on these is a must for any Agent. Not just technical skills: don't forget soft skills. A large number of survey respondents, particularly those in the "Employee" category, identified various "people skills" including interpersonal communication, cross-cultural understanding and relationship building as among the most important skills for their current (or desired future) jobs. Making learning social is a key to successfully implementing an eTraining program. Keep a tab on what goes on in the  IT section and also work towards getting knowledgeable about the other IT skills themselves. It is important to appreciate that people around the world have different ways of doing things. The most important qualities are communication, teamwork and customer service skills. Take care and do garner a good ability to listen. The main objectives of the survey were: to understand tourism industry stakeholders’ learning and professional development needs; to gain insights into desired and required skills, as well as perceived skill gaps in the tourism industry; to learn about examples of training and skills development opportunities currently available for tourism professionals; and to identify key challenges and needs for improving training programs and skills development opportunities. The top 10 skills and qualities required for a travel agent should be mastered before starting a career in tourism. The fact that MOOCs are already widely recognized by tourism professionals, combined with the open and (usually) free nature of MOOCs may make these courses attractive options for tourism industry organizations. 4. If you are that type who skimps over details, you are not capable for the job of a travel agent.