As a result, building them can take several hours of fighting with bending parts or 'filling' gaps. The company’s weld-it-yourself kits come in three basic styles: Standard ($395), Pre-Runner ($495), and Full-Grill ($750). Collector. JEGS Open-Wheel Long Tube Weld-Up Header Kit Primary O.D. That's several hours of labor time, at whatever you think your time is worth. Menu. Add some pizzazz to your creation!. Greenery can be tacked onto an existing stem or given a stem of it’s own depending on your needs. CUSTOM WELD-IT-YOURSELF CAGE KITS STARTING AT ONLY $ 549 SHOP NOW FREE SHIPPING! Welderd specializes in DIY tube fabrication. & 3 in. Only Available in a pack of 3. FREE SHIPPING On All Orders! Hand Made in Oklahoma with Free Shipping anywhere in the USA. 2 in. Matt Druey Sep 11th 2018 #lsk suspension #cage #diy. 1 3/4 in. Our Weld it Yourself Greenery kits make any floral arrangement better! Every part is slotted for easy assembly and all of our designs utilize existing mounting points. $93.99 JEGS In-Chassis Long Tube Weld-Up Header Kit 1 3/4 in. All you need is a welder to assemble your kit. Home; Shop by Part . Facebook; Email; Twitter; Pinterest; LSK Suspension is well-known in the off-road industry for making very high quality suspension parts for trucks, but recently they have come out with a line of weld-it-yourself cage kits for UTV's. $105.99 JEGS Open-Wheel Long Tube Weld-Up Header Kit Primary O.D. Collector. Primary O.D & 3 in. Many of the inexpensive DIY weld bumper kits don't fit together perfectly. & 3 1/2 in. Mini-Block 24"x36" 3/16" Thick FabBlock FB2436-.188 Weld Table by CertiFlat - FabBlock ONLY A cost effective alternative to completed sliders, our do it yourself weld kits come pre-bent and pre-cut with all of the components and hardware you'll need to make rock sliders on your own. PLUS Home webmaster 2020-06-17T17:33:07+00:00 FREE SHIPPING On All Orders! 0. 1/8” rod is more than enough to support this greenery. We design, cut, and bend so you don’t have to! Weld-It-Yourself UTV Cage Kits. If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It! No grinders, notchers, … Test fitting. Collector.