As a volunteer, you can choose from three different fields of activity: Being a teen mom can be a very difficult and dark period in a teenager’s life. TWC2 has various departments and are looking for volunteers in different capacities which include: The good thing about volunteering with TWC2 is that the commitment is not that onerous and they’ll only require you to volunteer about once or twice in a month. Even though Singapore seems to be pretty developed, the one leading problem is the growing size of the elderly population. They are active in many features of women’s lives. Volunteer with MWS Your Time, Talent and Effort can change the Lives of our Beneficiaries. One of them is the kidsREAD programme where you can join them as a kidsREAD volunteer. A volunteer’s work typically begins at 7.30 a.m. and finishes at 2.30 p.m. Volunteer work includes: Find out more and volunteer with Willing Hearts here. Love preparing meals? If you wish to find out about volunteering opportunities in Singapore, here’s a list of organisations for you to take your pick from! Please note that upon submitting this form, you agree to be contacted with the information provided by various financial institutions including licensed moneylenders. Get Your Financial Questions Answered. Find out more and volunteer with Babes here. Find out the latest volunteering events with NLB here. This provides the ability to send online messages or physical letters … Plenty to choose from! SANA welcomes volunteers from various walks of life. (Source: Silver Ribbon Singapore Facebook). Lucky for them, SACA is an organisation that has been helping ex-offenders reintegrate into society since 1956. At Babes, they lend a helping hand to women below the age of 21 who become pregnant and require additional support. (Source: Singapore After-Care Association Facebook). The requirements are as follows: Other than being a kidsREAD volunteer, the NLB also has other volunteering opportunities such as event volunteers, shelving assistants, and Chinese storytellers. As mental illness is on the rise in Singapore, Silver Ribbon Singapore struggles to raise awareness in the population, and its campaigns about the importance of tackling with mental health issues since the apparition of the first symptoms. If you’re all about women’s rights, why not try your hand at volunteering with AWARE? From animal shelters, helping the elderly, volunteering with children or supporting gender equality, our exhaustive guide to volunteering in Singapore is just what you need!. Do your part today by pledging to make a real difference. as well. We pour a good amount of time and resources into organising and training our volunteers, so we would prefer if you can commit to at least a 6-month stint (at least twice a week) for case work and befriending work. Their volunteering opportunities are also addressed to large entities: Schools and corporations which can be involved in organising camps/carnivals, outings, awareness campaigns or fundraisings for MINDS clients. These can be anything from mood disorders, anxiety disorders and eating disorders. Use your crafting skills to provide comfort to shelter pets. You’ll also be tasked with very practical jobs such as cleaning up after the animals and their enclosures. Then volunteering with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) might just be for you! Volunteering Opportunities. (Source: Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association Facebook). Let us help you. Interact with our beneficiaries through simple creative activities such as art and crafts, flower arrangement, storytelling, clay workshops, singing. (Source: Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore Facebook). Simply contact the volunteer coordinator who will arrange for a chat, followed by an orientation and training programme. 53 Easy Ways To Volunteer From Home 1. Volunteering with animals doesn’t simply mean that you get to play with them. As one of the more prominent volunteering based organisations in Singapore, Touch started out as an organisation to help at risk children but has since evolved to serving the disadvantaged (elderly, people with disabilities, etc.) (Source: Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support Ltd Facebook). As a kidsREAD programme, you’ll get the chance to read to children between the ages of 4 and 8. Community Food Packs Supports Beneficiary Through Dark Times. You can sort volunteer activities by distance fro… As a voluntary welfare organisation, MINDS aims to integrate intellectually disabled people into society. Complete this form and get involved! Most of these shelters are entirely volunteer-run with limited funding, and could do with all the help they can get. Find out more and volunteer with Silver Ribbon Singapore here. There are kids around the world starving and here you are throwing away perfectly good food.”. Find out more and volunteer with SPCA Singapore here. Or see yourself toiling in the kitchen for hours trying to perfect a dish, especially for a good cause? SPCA is a multi-layered organisation and volunteers can find work in its different departments which include: By applying to be a volunteer with SPCA, you’ll get to choose between volunteering over the weekends or weekdays. Depending on what kind of volunteering work you want to be involved in, you might need to complete a training course or not. View All. “It’s not good to waste food! Together, we can build a stronger community and show everyone that Singapore cares.