: (450) 263-6540. ET. Try it in a Bees Knees. A lot of tart/semi-sweet fruits in here. Gin, Ungava Gin; Cocktails. And the go all the way to the obscure such as the Bakeapple or Labrador Tea. Surprisingly, no this isn’t a bottle of Suze. Ready to Drink Bottled or Canned Cocktails, Free Ground Shipping within the USA for Qualifying Orders. 43% ABV, 750 ml, From Quebec. Enjoy on the rocks with a splash of soda, or in one of Ungava’s signature cocktails: 291 Rue MinerCowansville, QuebecCanada J2K 3Y6ungavaco.com. DISCOVER OUR BRANDS ©2019 Corby Spirit and Wine. Try before you buy, but I won’t blame you if you go all in on color alone. For general inquiries please contact us at: Tel. Could that be the Cloudberry?The finish is medium length with a mostly warm astringency and a hint of juniper and pine again. Taste Profile. These botanicals are handpicked during their peak season and imparted in two passes: once before distillation, and again afterwards via infusion, hence the color. There’s a tangy earthiness that billows here underneath the surface buoyed by a slight touch of green tea leaves, flower imbued tea blend and tart berry. Let’s get on to the taste.Tasting NotesThe color out of the bottle is an almost otherwordly shade of sun-kissed yellow.The nose is a rather traditional from the start, but with a distinct ethanol edge. That electric neon yellow color. Also known as the “Bakeapple.”Wild Rose Hips is another one, and this is probably familiar to anyone who’s had a rose bush. This tart berry grows in only very small quantities in its native range. Cocktails Book. Labrador tea is a flowering bog plant with white poofy flowers also used as a tea by the Inuit. The unusually long five week steeping process allows for an aromatic balance of citrus, warmth and spice. The tonic really emphasizes the bitter notes of the Ungava. The combination of creative ingredients and bathtub-gin-style-infusion culminates in a gin that will have both supporters and detractors among contemporary and classic gin enthusiasts. The base spirit is local corn and the six arctic botanicals range from the relatively common— Rosehips for example. It tastes exceptionally dry. ", Collections: The color is from the infusion of the six arctic plants that make up Ungava’s unique botanical bill. G&T Ungava. Please enjoy responsibly. Ungava is a distilled gin, made with botanicals that are native to Nunavik, Quebec's Inuit territory, and to other parts of the Arctic. Sorry, you have to be of legal drinking age to visit this site! The color may surprise, but the nose feels very classic.The nose is slightly sweet, a hint of lemon zest but a good deal of juniper. Bright, lively and exceptionally smooth. Surprisingly, no this isn’t a bottle of Suze. Quartz Vodka. Chic Choc Rum. I subscribe. : (450) 263-5835 Fax. You must be of legal drinking age in your province of residence to enter this site. Prices and availability subject to change without notice. Oh Cloudberry, obsession is they name! By entering this site, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Review from "The Gin is In": "The first thing that anyone will notice about Ungava Gin is that color. It’s the fruit of said plant, and been used for jellies, teas and are very rich in vitamin C.Now we’re getting into the ones that I’d never heard of before. Naturally Unexpected. The rare botanicals are hand-foraged, dried, and then slowly steeped for five weeks for a natural extraction of complex flavour and colour. Aromatic G&T; Peach Smash; Arctic Gold; Grapefruit G&T; Bee’s Knees; Southside; Basil Gin Smash; ... Ungava Peach Smash. Canadian Shield. So bare with me on this whirlwind tour. « Ungava reveals a style that is lively, mellow, fresh and floral. The color is from the infusion of the six arctic plants that make up Ungava’s unique botanical bill. That electric neon yellow color. Nice.I mixed it up in a Negroni, and you get a nice bit of juniper and bitterness here, but the finish is slightly different than expected: a bit of tart berry and floral notes come out at the end. It’s an intriguing gin with a complex flavor profile that at times oscillates between opaque and traditional.CocktailsI first mixed it with some 1724 tonic. Quite surprising as I found those notes to be very understate neat, but quite interesting that a complex drink like the Negroni would bring them out.The martini again shows a slightly different side of this gin: the citrusy tang comes out a bit, berries and sharpness compliment the herbal notes of Vermouth very nicely. We’ve selected a few for you here, but this recipe is designed to be played with! It’s still an intriguing gin and worth a closer look, for both the obscure botanicals, the color, and its taste.Okay, there’s a few of them here. Though hard to find, it has been used in many northern peoples’ food cultures. Enhancing the natural aroma of Ungava gin, the key to an aromatic gin and tonic is a combination of citrus, tonic, aroma, and herb to delight the senses. Not responsible for typographical errors. All rights reserved. Mouth It’s the unexpected that gives life its true colour. Ungava Gin The Gin As Wild As The Arctic. Canadian Shield. The Nordic juniper expresses its citrusy character with verve. Nose The Nordic juniper expresses its citrusy character with verve. OUR COCKTAILS for all tastes / Subscribe to our newsletter and receive our latest cocktail recipes. The finish is clean, dry, a bit bitter, but overall very nice for a martini. 291 Miner Street – Cowansville, Quebec J2K 3Y6 – CANADA. Highly recommended.OverallUngava is a unique contemporary gin. Crowberries are another evergreen of the north, and these low lying plants produce round purplish berries that are used in jams and pies as well. "The first thing that anyone will notice about Ungava Gin is that color. This gin's unique colour comes from the rose hip, which is combined to black crowberry, Labrador tea, cloudberry, arctic blend, and nordic juniper to form a unique selection of 100% natural herbs and berries that lend this gin enchanting aromas. Along the way, Ungava, despite controversy over its use of Inuit imagery (the company has since apologized), it’s quickly gained a global following and has become one of the top selling Canadian distilled gins and has won a bunch of awards. Arctic Blend is a creeping evergreen used as a kind of tea by northern peoples. Ungava Gin. Ungava Gin. Six rare botanicals that grow in the Arctic tundra influence the exceptional taste and colour that is signature to Ungava Gin. There’s a touch of sweetness, but this is certainly not the Gin and Tonic you’re used to drinking like a sugary sweet soda. UNGAVA SPIRITS. Copyright ©2020 Corby Spirit and Wine. Ungava Gin. BOUTIQUE – Opening Hours. Smells quite classic in character.The palate deviates a bit from the expected path. A touch of citrusy lemon, a touch of floral, but a good deal of juniper. CONTACT. Nose Six rare botanicals that grow in the Arctic tundra influence the exceptional taste and colour that is signature to Ungava Gin. Very interesting the way certain notes come out here. Arctic Gold. I’ve wanted to try fresh versions of this berry for the years since I’ve heard of it. The obscure flavors and ingredients will leave you wondering, “just what is that flavor?” and reaching for more traditional supports “is that coriander?” But its mixability and unique color will probably have you reaching for it again.It mixes nicely in cocktails and the color actually adds a stunning touch to many of your standard cocktails (like the Alexander for example…) I suppose the TL;DR of it is that it’s unique and well made, combining surprising techniques into an eye-catching gin that spans taste preferences. 5620 Geary Boulevard, San Francisco, CA - 415-386-9463 A distinct note of coriander seems to emerge, with some hints of fresh cranberry, preserved lemon and a muddied, green/pine juniper. A hint of alcohol as well. view Ungava Peach Smash recipe. Instead of going back to the predictable or the historical, we looked to nature to inspire and surprise us. Spirits, ALL BOTTLES ARE 750 ML UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED, Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more …, © 2020 Blackwell's Wines & Spirits Crafted with six Arctic botanicals from the northern Quebec, Ungava gin will make any cocktail uniquely wild. Our office is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Kayak Vermouth. Chic Choc Rum. Quartz Vodka. view Arctic Gold recipe. In an odd way this combination makes for a Gin and Tonic that might be to the liking of those who are fans of more bitter drinks. 719 4th street, San Rafael, CA 94901 - 415-306-7996. Many native northerners made spirits from them, but its most commonly found in jellies and jams. The beverage has a lovely golden tone to it.