Tuba - F Chromatic Scale. Skip navigation Sign in. Tuba - F Chromatic Scale. Watch Queue Queue. Chromatic scale - all tongued. Loading... Close. That said, the chromatic exercises do indicate a quite extensive playing range. CONCERT F CHROMATIC SCALE bœnœœ#œ bœnœœ#œ œ#œœœ œ#œœœ #œœ#œœb˙ #œœ#œœb˙ bœœbœnœ bœœbœnœ bœnœœbœ bœnœœbœ œbœœnœb˙ œbœœnœb˙ œ#œœ#œ œ#œœ#œ œ#œnœœ œ#œnœœ #œœ#œœn˙ #œœ#œœn˙ œœbœnœ œœbœnœ bœnœœbœ bœnœœbœ … A chromatic scale, which is a musical scale that divides an octave into semitones, consists of 12 half-steps. Note: Most of the ranges indicated throughout these exercises are suggested as a "starting point" only. Those that are able should play and/or extend these exercises to higher and lower octaves as they are able. Scale and Arpeggio Routine for Tuba, Level 2 C 4 4 7 4 4 4? I have a test monday and i forgot how to play it..... links and charts are nice please and thank you :) The notes of a chromatic scale depend on where you begin and end, and is up to you. This video is unavailable. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Tuba Major Scales and Chromatic Scale Region XXIII Junior High Band Division Major scales - tongued up, legato tongue down. Search. Watch Queue Queue. Tuba 5?44 Chromatic Scale For Band Mr. MacDonald CONCERT Bb CHROMATIC SCALE?