Imagine making up a few of these before the holidays and giving out handmade bags as gifts! Well, here is your chance to make your very own foldable tote bag. Plus, the strap is a belt – how easy is that? 13. See more ideas about Sewing bag, Diy bag, Bag pattern. I love the name of this bag almost as much as I love the design. 12. Let’s grab those supplies and make some tote bags! I love books so this little mini book tote really caught my eye. Bags are one of my very favorite things to sew and the beauty of this bag pattern is that it’s super simple. They’re great for reusable grocery bags or just taking things along with you to the beach or anywhere else you plan to go. Yes, you can make your own leather bucket bag and it will look like you bought it at one of those high end department stores. Instructions and Pattern: ashleyannphotography. This is so reminiscent of bags that my grandmother used to carry. Use bags that you buy at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s – or whatever craft store you use – or make a plain bag using one of the easy tote patterns and then decorate it with this great freezer paper design. The design of the bag is a bit creative which I really love and it can be used for so many different things – from a market tote to a small diaper bag and even a purse. :). This braided handle bag is such a wonderful bag for spring. SewCanShe | Free Sewing Patterns and Tutorials, 14+ Free Tote Bag Patterns You Can Sew in a Day! It’s a cute little bag with plenty of room for all sorts of things, and it’s a relatively easy project to sew together. The bag is 16 inches deep and 19 inches wide when it’s finished – a pretty good sized tote bag for just an hour of work. The strap is great, but the pattern lets you leave that off if you don’t want to make it. :). Instructions and Pattern: twinkleandtwine. Just check out these 15 brilliant ways to repurpose old bed springs into wonderful treasures. Here’s another great denim upcycled tote bag, but this one is a bit different. There’s even a great no sew bag that you make from an old t-shirt. You will love this eas tote bag pattern. It’s so much easier to create tote bags when your material is already cut for you and this one is super easy. It would be the perfect carry all for the beach or to keep snacks in the car on long road trips. This Little Book Bag with a pocket on front uses canvas so there's no lining! It’s all straight lines-a perfect easy sewing project for beginners. 11. Just imagine the number of bags you could make! This adorable peek-a-boo tote has a chevron pattern sewn right into the center of the front. Of course, you could skip the contrasting pattern section but that’s what gives the bag so much character. If you need a basic tote pattern, this is an easy one. This two toned tote is easy to make and it’s a great look with its contrasting colors. Or spend 20 fun minutes quilting - I would! If you want to check out other fantastic crochet ideas check out our beginner friendly 100 crochet patterns post. It has enough room to hold everything you need like wallet, phone, and keys or you could use it as a small diaper bag or even store your tablet in it. And of course, you want a tote bag that is durable and can handle whatever you throw into it. You only need a yard of fabric, and just under a yard for the lining. You begin with a tote bag that you can find at any craft store and then just embellish on it just a bit. I love it for books and maybe even knitting supplies to take along on road trips. That’s what makes it so easy to make. He’ll never know you made it yourself – until you tell him, that is. Oil Cloth Tote Tutorial I added new ones at the top, so make sure you scroll down all the way to the bottom. I just love the idea of using dish towels to make a tote bag. You’re going to really love all of these patterns and you’ll love making all of the bags, too. Totes can make excellent accessories, and are always great diy gifts. This one is an extra-large sized bag that will easily fit your laptop, clothes, toiletries, and so much more with room to spare. Ladies, if you just can’t bring yourself to be away from your man for too long, you can take along his shirt and tie to remind you of him while you’re out. Every DIY’er needs to have a tote bag to keep those projects organized. You can easily make one yourself with this pattern. The Strappy Tote Bag with Pockets is a winner! They even tell you how to properly design the bag so that it folds up really easy for storage or for putting inside your purse. This is such an easy DIY reversible bag to make, and you can have this one finished in just a couple of hours. The entire thing should take you less than two hours to complete, and the bag is pretty room so you can take it along to the market and fill it up with loads of stuff. This little tote bag is a pillow case that has been repurposed. It’s so easy to make that you’ll want to have one for every girl in the house. This little wallet style tote is really adorable and it’s pretty easy to make. I really love how easy this is to make and the possibilities are endless as to what you can create with it. Little girls – and big girls, too – are going to absolutely love this elegant and old-timey tote. This is another great bag that you can make from a dish towel, and it’s perfect for letting little ones carry their library books. In traditional school bag style, this tote is fabulous. I love ruffles – not so much making them but looking at them. It has a great embroidered dress design in the center that is also really easy to make. Pillowcase Tote Pattern. You should ensure that you sew really slowly when working with leather, so that your stitches stay straight. You use two dish cloths that are the same size and you’ll need a yard of webbing. It looks like the smaller version of a laptop bag and you can use it for so many things. If you want a tote bag but not one that’s really huge, but you do want the convenience of pockets, this is the perfect DIY tote for you. This bag is very unique, very easy to make, and full of possibilities. (don’t laugh but I have bags for almost everything under the sun!) Whether for work or even for your home business, if you tend to mail out several packages, or pick them up, this tote will help you to carry them much easier, and it’s a cinch to make. The rope handles are optional but I totally recommend them! I have rounded up a list of over 100 free tote bag patterns from around the web. The tutorial tells you exactly what you need to make it and how to cut, pin and sew it all into place. Lighter fabric is probably better and really makes it perfect for summer. I love this reversible bucket style tote. Betsy Bag. The Picnic Tote makes a beautiful purse with pockets inside - and it's really a lot simpler to make than it looks! Dish Towel Tote Tutorial. My Speedy Patchwork Totes use gridded interfacing for quick piecing. If you purchase something through one of those links I may receive a small commission, so thank you for supporting SewCanShe when you shop! Did you know that you could get a great canvas and leather bag without sewing? Use a home decor weight fabric so you can skip the interfacing! The hardest part is putting the keys together, which is not too hard. Grocery Bag from a … In fact, you can make this in under half an hour and you’ll have a great bag from that favorite t-shirt. This t-shirt tote bag doesn’t need to be sewn at all. Because of my love for tote bags, I have found a wonderful collection of 60 amazing tote bags that you can make yourself. No alterations needed here - it was already fast. You don’t have to use this tote for the library, although it is the perfect size for carrying library books. Make your own bag with this list of DIY tote bags and free patterns. Make the handle long enough to wear as a cross body – this is a really lightweight bag that holds your essentials but won’t be too heavy to carry. 2. It also has an inside pocket. Tote Patterns and Tutorials 1. 5. This bag just has it all – ruffles, ribbons, and ties work together to create this stunning tote that is sure to be your favorite. Tiny Bag Pattern. 4. 8. This is a wonderful way to dress up a boring old bag and make it fabulous.