When large enough, grow them in your plot and harvest home grown beauties! 65-75 days. A truss of these “two bite” size tomatoes is welcome next to any mixed … Bountiful clusters of very sweet … Had to trash a whole summers growth. DEFINITELY NOT the "Sweet Million" variety. While you won't actually get a million Tomatoes from one vine, it will still seem that way! With F1 … The indeterminate plants produce 1–1 ½ inch fruit in grape-like clusters. TIP: If you have a thriving tomato plant you like right now, just clip about a 6" stem from it, put it in a bottle of water, and … One of the most productive hybrid cherries, 'Sweet Million' is an improvement on 'Sweet 100,' providing better resistance to cracking while retaining the same memorable taste and yield. COVID 19: we are operating as … Trial ground visitors can’t get enough of this one! Plant these Tomato Sweet Million Grafted Plants in individual pots to give them a great start to life. A cordon variety for you to enjoy growing in your greenhouse where you can look forward to the generous trusses of tomatoes as well as that delicious scent given off by home-grown tomato plants.