Not sure whether to join at the state or local level now. Just sayin’…. Common Starling (Sturnus vulgaris) flock flying over lake, Wales, United Kingdom. These birds they move at such an incredible speed and each second they create a completely different formation. What was funny about it was when they’d finally all settle in it would be very quiet then joggers or walkers would go by, not knowing the roost was there and startle the birds which would cause a massive rustling of their wings, scaring the heck out of those poor folks- it was hilarious! A murmuration of starlings was an amazing sight of swooping mass of thousands of birds whirling in the sky above HWY -5 bridge between Yolo and Sacramento, CA. I have seen them here in the southeast. Starlings might get shot in masses in large agricultural areas. Starling Murmuration . Flocks provide safety in numbers for birds returning to roost as predators find it hard to target individual birds. Seems like we used to see those over the hay bales at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway north gates. in the darkness in the night. The San Luis Valley might be a good place, though. REUTERS/Lee Smith It looks like the word is evolving to include that meaning, but since many different species exhibit coherent schooling behavior, it may be unnecessarily species-specific. I witnessed a spectacular synchronized show overhead while race training paddling on the St. Lawrence River near Alexandria Bay a few years back. These birds show us not only beauty in nature, but they also help explain the science of flock movement. Probably later in the year but it was decades ago. A murmuration of starlings was an amazing sight of swooping mass of thousands of birds whirling in the sky above HWY -5 bridge between Yolo and Sacramento, CA. So they might know something. Starling murmurations. Swirling, shifting, swooping flocks of starlings, called murmurations, are the stars of a viral video taken by two girls from Ireland who canoed across River Shannon in October. These flocks gather in the evening and perform amazing aerobatic displays before dropping into their favoured roost sites. Studies have even shown that individual starlings move around within the flock and try to minimise their time on the edge where they are most vulnerable. The birds’ aerobatics, called a murmuration, create a spectacular display near the Army base at Catterick. Steve, thanks for the tip about the west end of Treasure Valley. I have seen the small flock of puffins at the Central Park Zoo in NYC exhibit coherent schooling while ‘flying’ underwater - a small flock, granted, but enjoyable to watch and it seemed no one else noticed. In Focus When starlings flock together, wheeling and darting through the sky in tight, fluid formations, we call it a murmuration. I was extremely lucky to be at the right time and place capturing this unique formation perhaps a “Whale” in action. REUTERS/Amir Cohen Starlings are all over the US, though maybe not in such big flocks as in Europe. During the winter you may be lucky enough to see a starling murmuration. 0. These highly social birds can be found across Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Pacific Islands as well. It’s known more for growing potatoes than grain. REUTERS/Amir Cohen. to ponder twists that ink cold air, Starling Murmuration Featured in. entrance with mystery, To the northwest, there is a region famous for growing beans with minimal water. Excellent! Crows that are so vocal and ubiquitous during other times of the year suddenly get quiet and “discreet” during nesting season, from what I observed during a few years of getting to know them. Where I live (Denmark - a very flat country; Ohio heights divided by 3), we have a lot of murmurations in the superflat marshland in the south of the country. Since it sounds like waterways + grain or other food fields + large flattish open stretches near sheltered places might be part of the formula, the SLV seems the best bet of places within about half a day’s drive. Having said that, I would really like to see a flocking murmuration in person.