Best Compressor Plugins for Pro Tools. Now that we have a better idea about what a compressor does and how we may use it lets take a look at some of the best compressor plugins for Pro Tools out there: Waves SSL G-Master Buss Compressor. In this Sidechain Compression Tutorial we are concentrating on Sidechaining Kick and Bass. Sidechain compression is a method of using a dynamic range compressor to manage the variance in amplitude of an instrument or recording track, like usual, except this time it's being triggered by a different instrument or track. Pro Compressor is included with the Pro. When a SideChain signal is fed to a plugin in a session where there is over 100 samples or so of latency, delay will not be properly compensated for in the side chain signal. Keep up to date with the latest tutorials from Wink. This one is an emulation of the … Sidechain compression is an extremely confusing but ... You need a compressor that supports sidechaining. This tutorial explains how to setup the sidechain effect using a compressor within Pro Tools 8. Every time the kick hits, the bass will be compressed and lowered a little bit to make the kick cut through better and tighter during your beat mixing. Of course, you can apply this technique in most DAWs, including Ableton, Cubase, Reason and FL Studio 12. 4: The side-chain is now routed to the compressor, but the compressor is still not listening to it. Here are some basic steps you can follow with any two sound sources: Pick the track that will trigger the compression (track 1) This incredibly flexible compressor gives you five compression modes, powerful sidechain. This is another example of ducking that could be done through sidechain compression. article). Pro Tools: Using Sidechain Compression . And in the side-chain key menu at the top left select the kick SC buss we created. This means the signal of a kick drum will be triggering the compressor used on a bass. but here, specifically setting up side-chain compression for Pro Tools will be described. I use Pro Tools and Logic Pro X mostly, and they both have a stock compressors that have a sidechain. When compressed with a side-chain input, the level of the input determines how much the channel with the side-chain compressor on it gets compressed. Sound by following our feeds: You. Let me say that in normal people terms (and for beginners, check out our What is a Studio Compressor? From Beginners to Expert Levels, Pro Tools Learning Center is #1 in the United States. So now that you understand the concept, let’s discuss how we do it in Pro Tools. Many of us have noticed that Pro Tools (up through and including 12.5.1) has a design flaw in the implementation of its Automatic Delay Compensation (ADC). Check out our detailed tutorial on sidechain compression and also more details about compression, in general. Tube - http: //www. Toll Free 1-888-277-0457 ... Side-chain roughing is a technique used by the world’s top mixing engineers to achieve dynamic changes to a recording. Routing the channels and setting up the compressor is the same concept for other DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations; Logic, Studio One, Reaper, ect.) 3: Add an instance of a dynamics compressor/limiter (here it’s Dynamics III in Pro Tools) to the group buss.