(have box or stool ready to set hopper on)5. 4.8 out of 5 stars 164. When you are setting a trip to the outdoor, cover the smoker or place it somewhere inside. Don't be scared to put your back into it.9 . Download 25 Pit Boss Smokers PDF manuals. Push the control panel through this new window to dangle beneath the hopper.4. Grab the little base with a wrench, turn it counter-clockwise and slide it out. Remove hopper screws on the front and back. A bolt is holding the auger into place. User manuals, Pit Boss Smokers Operating guides and Service manuals. It has a nut on the bottom and an allen head on top. PitBossForum.com is the largest Pit Boss Grill Owner's Group. Here you can replace or clean the Auger. Putting everything back together is as simple as doing the steps in reverse order.If you have any further issues, contact Pit Boss support for help!service@pitboss-grills.com877-303-3134OR join the Pit Boss Owner's group on Facbook to chat, learn and morehttps://www.facebook.com/groups/PitBoss/ We offer lots of information to help you get the most out of your Pit Boss Petlet Grill and Smoker. Take an allen head set to size it up, then grip the bottom with a wrench or socket to hold it still while you screw it out.7. $19.99 $ 19. In this tutorial, Andrew will show us how to replace the control panel on the front of a Pit Boss Grill. Remove 2 screws on the face of the controller3. After you swap the igniter for a new one, do all the steps in reverse. THAT'S BASICALLY IT. Place hopper on stand to keep it from pulling out the cords6. *EXPOSE 1/4 to 1/2 INCH FOR THE IGNITER*Step 13: Tighten the set screw to keep the igniter in that position.Step 14: Place the fire pot back into its housing, turn to tighten, and replace the screws. Loosen it and slide the Igniter out.Step 4: Slide the igniter back through the tube it lives inStep 5: Remove the 8 phillips head screws on the bottom of the hopper that hold the plate in place.Step 6: Clip the zip-ties holding the wires.Step 7: Fish the igniter back through the hole and out from the hopper. Remove 8 phillips screws from beneath the carriage on the hopper.2. Just unplug this, its a bit tough so pull hard. This works for replacing, cleaning, or fixing an auger jam.An auger jam can be scary and unsettling, but the issue is thankfully pretty simple to resolve. You can use its tough coarse wires to guide it.Step 8: The igniter is connected with the White and Purple cable to the grill's board. Remove the phillips screw holding the actual auger in place.8. Final tips and tricks: Use a brush and clean it once you have done with cooking. You can do it yourself!TOOLS:- Phillips head (for case bolts)- Allen wrench- Wrench to grip auger and slide out- Knee-high box or stool to rest hopper carriage onSTEPS:1. In this tutorial Andrew will be replacing the wood pellet auger which feeds pellets into the grill. In this tutorial Andrew will be replacing the wood pellet auger which feeds pellets into the grill. QuliMetal Grill Cover for Pit Boss PBV5P1 Smoker Cover, Heavy Duty and Waterproof Grill Cover Fits for Pit Boss Model Series 4 PBV4PS1 Smoker with Zipper. Therefore, you can avoid jamming or damaging your electric smoker. Find discussions with BBQ Tips, Recipes, Reviews, Advice, How-to's, and more! Mudder Fire Burn Pot and Hot Rod Ignitor Kit Replacement Parts for Pit Boss … So:Step 9: Feed the igniter back through its hole into the tube it was removed from.Step 10: Reconnect purple and white wires to the igniter.Step 11: Tuck wires into the carriage and replace the grate.Step 12: Feed the igniter up towards the fire pot and you can stick it into the opening for it.