Also, since it can purify breast milk, newborns will be able to feed on … Commonly known as Karupatti in many regions of south India, palm jaggery … It is used in the diet, 7 month onwards to provide relief from pregnancy difficulties. Reaping benefits of jaggery since ancient times. Effective During Pregnancy : It contains an abundance of anti-oxidants. 6. Moreover, the inherent medicinal properties of palm jaggery can reduce the occurrence of common pregnancy difficulties. This is not just because jaggery … How is it Beneficial for Your Health. Palm Jaggery safeguards the fetus from negative health effects. Palm jaggery, made from sugarcane juice and the extract of palm tree, is a must keep in your kitchen cabinet if you want to have your heart’s fill of the sweets and avoid all the health risks. Palm Jaggery … This not only neutralizes free radical active but also prevents cell damage and DNA degradation. Prevents Anaemia – Iron deficiencies can cause anaemia, and jaggery … Jaggery has several health benefits; hence, it is recommended during pregnancy. Given below are some of the benefits of jaggery. In fact, as a study published in Ayurpharm - International Journal of Ayurveda and Allied Sciences in 2016 points out, Ayurveda endorses the use of jaggery for therapeutic and pharmaceutical purposes - and has done so since ancient times. Its always preferable that you go for the ORGANIC PALM JAGGERY, below is the link to the one which I use: LETS START WITH THE NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS of JAGGERY: DURING PREGNANCY: Prevents … 7. Health Benefits of Eating Jaggery While Pregnant.