This is why I made the next comparison chart so you can learn a thing or two before reading the specific details of each vacuum cleaner. Strong suction. Price: Oreck canister vacuums usually cost between $130 and $280. Some models offer up to seven years of warranty protection. The batteries usually provide more than half an hour of running time on each charge. Handheld vacuums - less than five pounds. Most of the Oreck upright vacuum cleaners have LED headlights on the front side of the device that helps you to see more clearly underneath your furniture and into darkened edges. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. In general, full-size vacuums tend to be fairly heavy, with some weighing over 20 pounds. You can count on it to keep your carpeted and hard floors clean. Most Oreck upright vacuums offer two speeds that control how fast the brush rotates. As you could see, most products offered by Oreck are mostly for commercial purposes, but they can easily be used for households just as well. Oreck vacuum cleaners will trigger any old memories by their appearance and will be always mainstays as both professional machines and also as home carpet cleaning products. These are full-size, one-piece vacuums with the cleaning head connected to the motor housing and the dust container. It has a dual speed. The hose may be a little short for some. It is also reasonably priced and it performs well on carpet and bare floors. Last, but not least, it has a 2-speed control that will allow you to adjust your vacuum power depending on the surface that you need to clean. I can't say if it is a plus or a minus, but this device comes with an extremely long cord (40 feet). The Product List of Recommended Oreck Vacuum Cleaners, Top 10 Best Oreck Vacuum Cleaners Comparison Chart 2020, 2. However, if I need to think of a canister model that I would buy, the SK30080PC one from Oreck would be on my list. It depends from model to model, but the producers say it is somewhere around 10 to 12 years. This means that they keep 99.7% of the picked-up particulates. This bagged, “no frills” machine is very lightweight and easy to move and maneuver. Another impressive vacuum offered by Oreck … Because the process is so streamlined, the vacuum can use a smaller motor than other upright models. I truly am amazed by how wonderful this device is. Oreck vacuums are unique because even the full-size models are extremely lightweight, which makes them very easy to maneuver. Of course, there are some exceptions, but generally speaking, the Oreck vacuums might be out of consideration for those who need to clean hardwood floors. One of the aspects that make Oreck vacuums to be out of the ordinary is that even their full-size models are remarkably lightweight, therefore very simple to manage. Built to stand up to heavy use. It depends on the issue. It is incredibly lightweight, giving you an easy time while vacuuming. I really appreciate that it comes with a filter bundle, but also that it has an extra carrying handle that allows easy carrying. If you’re ready to buy a new Oreck vacuum, our handy shopping guide has all the tips you need to choose the best model for your home. Oreck offers a range of bags that provide different filtration options, including those designed for allergy-sensitive homes or removing odors. No carpet height adjustment option or hose. It has an adjustable extension wand and a 4-foot hose that will help you to clean vents, fans, or other high areas. Powerful suction. For instance, just for you to make an idea, the Oreck sticks with a bagged upright model doesn’t offer a brush roll that somebody can turn off. The only issue I can find is its price, but if you can afford it, then you should consider it. You have to decide whether you want a canister, stick, or other model, as well as what types of features will fit your cleaning routine. The brand is relevant and thriving, while others continue to change their products very often. Weighs less than 9 pounds. You should know that this is not a cheap brand. Oreck upright vacuums are also suitable for use on hard flooring. Another plus worth mentioning is its HEPA filters that catch 99.97% particles, locking them, without disposing it into the air. A. Oreck upright vacuums weigh less than many of the competitors because these vacuums utilize direct suction to pull dirt and debris up into the bag. So, if you have questions about either product or own an Oreck and want to share your thoughts about it, please use the comment section below. Q. However, all Oreck vacuums offer at least a three-year limited warranty. It also has a great suction due to its powerful motor. When you buy through links on, We may earn an affiliate commission. These usually don’t have the same suction power as an upright, and may or may not have motorized brushes. Canisters: Oreck canister models weigh about five pounds. Let’s see the most important ones: The decision of purchasing an Oreck Vacuum Cleaner can be overwhelming if you don’t know the most important principles.