Author: Douglas Cullen. Directions. Ingredients. This is made with our Fresh Orange Habanero chillies. Makes about 2 cups. If you like your salsa hot, this is the one for you, a fiery red tomato habanero sauce like they make in the Yucatán. 2 cloves of garlic. By Susan Fenige r and Mary Sue Millike n. May 3, 2010. A little goes a long, long way. Whether you want a tangy sauce to marinade shrimp and chicken or a tart topper for a decadent dessert, an orange habanero sauce is spicy magic. Hot Orange Habanero - fruity flavour with a powerful heat. Habanero Salsa. 1 habanero chile (seeded) 4 tbsp chopped white onion. The burning heat of our habanero salsa is sure to be mouth-searing! Habanero-Orange Salsa. Blend for 30 seconds. 1/2 teaspoon salt (or salt to taste) 1 cup of chopped cilantro. Refrigerate after opening. Juice of 1/2 Orange. Juice of 1 Lime. Uniquely unforgettable, the flavor of this salsa dares you not to get burned! First, you’re hit with that tangy orange bite, but that’s soon followed with the scorching kick of a chili that’s at least twelve times hotter than a jalapeño. Habanero chiles have a fruity taste and are very hot, not for the faint of heart. Add additional salt if desired. Winner of a Gold Taste of The West Award 2007. Shake before use. 1/3. 4. large oranges. A cochinita pibil from the Yucatán just isn't the same without the intense heat of an habanero salsa and the brightness of citrus-pickled red onions to spoon on top of it. This salsa inferno represents all that is South Texas, especially heat! It's ideal for adding heat and flavour to spicy dishes, and a few drops go a long way when used as a table condiment. Add tomatoes through cilantro to a food processor or Vitamix. cup coarsely chopped fresh cilantro . How to Make. Ingredients: A few simple ingredients make a great salsa. 3 very ripe tomatoes (about 1 lb.) Preparation instructions. All three of these condiments are made with juice from Seville oranges, a juicy citrus that has a uniquely bitter, astringent flavor, with bracing acidity and very little sweetness. Salsa Habanera. Winner of a Gold Great Taste Award 2005. Made with pride and care for H-E-B.