Michigan courts will not immediately lean toward parental rights termination and nearly always elect to offer the parents an opportunity to resolve the issue that led to this point. The man’s parental rights … (1) An adoptive or natural parent of a child shall not take that child, or retain that child for more than 24 hours, with the intent to detain or conceal the child from any other parent or legal guardian of the child who has custody or parenting time rights … Both parents have a right to see the CPS reports from the investigation. Termination of Parental Rights (MCR 3.977 / MCL 712a.19b) The Juvenile Code provides for a court hearing, upon petition of the prosecuting attorney, child, agency, guardian, custodian, concerned person (see Juvenile Code §19b(6) for definition of concerned person), or Children’s Ombudsman, to determine if the parental rights … This is … Child custody rights are somewhat different for unmarried parents. The parent … Terminate parental rights if there was very serious abuse. However, once the court makes a decision to terminate parental rights, that decision is permanent. The Michigan Supreme Court will consider a case tomorrow involving a grandparent’s right to have visitation with a grandchild. With such an important family element at stake, parents … Until a biological father obtains an order from a court as to his custody rights, primary custody is presumed to be with the mother. To learn more, see "Termination of Parental Rights" below; Both parents are parties to the case, even if they don’t live together. In the case, the parents of a man whose parental rights to his two children were terminated sued for visitation.