1. New questions in Physics. 1. Join now. Plz answer quickly!!! Find an answer to your question Magnification of convex lens is positive or negative 1. dk787 dk787 Answer: Magnification of an convex mirrior must be positive because it makes all its image at positive x axis. Magnification = (-) Image distance / Object distance . Lv 4. You could start by viewing this page: Concave Lenses, Geometrical Optics. As the concave lens the image will be always virtual and erect if magnification is positive. Aaradhy95 Aaradhy95 2 weeks ago Physics Primary School +5 pts. Answered Magnification formula for lens. Convex Mirror Magnification. magnification produced by convex mirror is positive or negative? (a) The magnification is positive for all virtual images and is negative for all real images. Negative. The magnification for lenses and mirrors is defined as the image height divided by the object height. Explain with the formula of magnification. Log in. Log in. It doesn’t discuss magnification, but has some useful ray diagrams. Relevance. Magnification of convex mirror is positive or negative 2 See answers rajkumarjakhar49 rajkumarjakhar49 Answer: magnification of convex mirror is positive. 8 years ago. Join now. Join now. narini2806 24.05.2019 Physics Secondary School +13 pts. Answer Save. in concave lens magnification cannot be negative because if it is negative the image should be inverted and real as in the convex lens but it is not true in concave lens. Favourite answer. Magnification formula - 20100722 1. Join now. Magnification of a concave mirror (A) Is always positive (B) Is always negative (C) Can be positive as well as negative (D) Is always zero 01. No it cannot. Ask your question. An equiconvex lens (A) Is always convergent (B) Is always divergent (C) May be convergent or divergent depending upon the surrounding medium (D) Is neither convergent, nor divergent www.gangwarinstitue.com Contact : 8400-582-582, 8604-582-582 02. 3 Answers. Ask your question. 4 years ago. Log in. Click hereto get an answer to your question ️ Find out the correct option from the following. Log in. Also what about magnification of concave lens. Hande. Lv 7. 0 0. ferrell. As soon as you learn it is a real image, the sign convention for magnification is to be taken as negative (indicating it is inverted).