Lily’s chocolate baking chips + peanut butter = easy treat heaven! Nobody will even believe this keto dessert is low carb and keto … Your kids will love it and it is a major hit at parties for work or family. Keto Cookies Straight out of The Castaway Kitchen. Thousands have already made and loved the Chewy Keto … Print. This Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie Casserole is the perfect keto dessert. From Cristina: Chewy, gooey, better than store bought, keto chocolate chip cookies! These cookies are vegan + keto … Keto Dark Baking Chocolate Chips - Sugar Free Stevia Sweetened, 1g Net Carb, 80% Cocoa - Gluten Dairy Free Vegan Non-GMO Low Carb Paleo Ketogenic Friendly Mini Chips 9 oz Visit the SWEET LUV Store … So I hope you’ll trust me when I say I really, really love how Vegan + Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies turned out! I just grab my keto-friendly peanut butter (or other nut butter) out of the pantry, scoop a spoonful out, throw some Lily’s baking chips on the peanut butter spoon – and it is so satisfying. A spoonful of peanut butter and chocolate chips … Vegan + Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies. These cookies are the real deal. For when you want a healthier chocolate chip cookie, this is the recipe for you.