Curious about kettlebells? At first just follow along with each workout for the 4 minutes. The results of a study estimated that a 20-minute workout with kettlebell burns 20.2 calories every minute . Looking for a great workout option that will help you target a number of areas? Repeat for 10 to 15 reps. Kettlebell Workout Routine for Beginners. 4 Kettlebell Workouts for Beginners. Without further ado, here is the full-body kettlebell workout that will result in … 7 Best Beginners Kettlebell Workouts For Women 2 Comments Kettlebells have evolved from being completely old-school to one of the best tools to tone and sculpt our body quickly. Jump your feet back in and explode up from a squat to a jump. Now we have listed the 5 basic kettlebell exercises for beginners lets put them together into a few 4 minute workouts. If you are new to kettlebells, and seeking the best kettlebell workout for beginners, look no further! Beginners can stay here or can continue to do a full pushup. A full body kettlebell workout for beginners is a quick way to get a lot done in very little time. There are 4 beginner workouts listed below each lasting only 4 minutes. Jessica Sims, a certified personal trainer at the Fhitting Room in New York City, demos 14 kettlebell exercises for beginners. The kettlebell might be just what you need. Kettlebell exercises often involve several muscle groups, making them an effective way to give your arms, legs, abs, and glutes a great workout all at once.