They are a great entertainment addition because their main purpose is to get sound out to anyone behind the boat. This step by step how to will cover everything you need to know from choosing the right tower, installation and fastening, speaker & rack mounting, and even long term maintenance. Store. The best among these mentioned speakers is the Boss Audio MRWT40. There are many wakeboard tower speakers available today, but these listed products are among the many riders’ favorites. No, wake tower speakers cannot be installed on any boat. All Aerial products are designed for easy installation. Some manufactures offer a range of colors. Additionally, you want to look into the power handling of the speakers, which will come into play when purchasing the amplifier to match the RMS (maximum continuous power handling) of the speakers. Mobile Installation; What We Do ; Installation Waiting List; Customer Assist Program; Full Service vs. OneWheel Pint Vs Segway Ninebot – WHO WILL WIN??? Here are some more Video Guides if the first Video Guide on installing Wakeboard tower speakers and lights does not help you out! Monitorable Studio Microphone Kit Review from Amazon AU-PM401H – Gift Ideas Under $100, Coffee Maker – Amazon Review – Gifts Under $20 – Gourmia Travel Kettle. Regular application of a metal cleaner will keep your tower looking new for years. Next, you will want to lock the top section with the rear legs to laterally stabilize the tower. And you also want to keep your racks in a place where you can easily reach your boards without having to climb or overextend just to retrieve them. If you’re dock space is tight, it is best to use racks that are easily removed, usually a rack that just slips onto a mounting point with a compression fitting is best. There is such a thing as Surf Tower Speakers. This same rule applies to mounting other tower accessories as well. A typical install is determined by how many pairs of speakers are being done, as well as the amps and location of the amps being installed. For example, you could have speakers located on or around the rear of the boat. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Adjustable Electric Bed Lifter – Custimze the angle so you can watch TV in Bed! Wakeboard tower installation starting at $1,550.00. These speakers are usually mounted to a tower on the boat, that is designed to allow you to project sound up to 100ft behind the boat. If your tower develops extra noise over time, the first place to look is the joints. Aerial products are equal in quality and strength to factory OEM products but sell for a fraction of the price. If the boat does not have a tower there are alternative means to gain the type of sound desired. (i.e A dome tweeter or a horn loaded tweeter which usually projects sounds further with less distortion at further distances). This could be for people swimming, skiing, or wake surfing. So if you’re ready to lift your rope a few feet, then let’s get started. Be conscientious of dirt and other particles that can creep inside and create squeaks and groans. The other thing to keep in mind when mounting both speakers and racks is clearance. Many riders love the Boss Audio MRWT40’s durability. Go Back Marine amplifiers & installation Marine amplifiers Marine … You also want to look at the size of the enclosure to make sure it doesn’t interfere with regular operation of the boat, and the kind of tweeter. 6. Marine GPS. You want to mount both so that the guests on your boat can walk around them without fear of head lacerations. Just like in the name suggests, they are meant for wake towers themselves. Mount the speakers to the top bar of the tower. Our Favorite Wakeboard Tower Speakers. These holes are generally only around 1/2in, along with others usually unseen, and are placed in a compartment on the boat where the amplifiers would sit. Copyright ©, Is The Kindle Fire Good For Surfing The Web, International Surfing Day Surfrider Foundation. PowerBass XL-POD6LR Silver 6.5" 150 Watt Waterproof Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers With RGB LED Accent Lights $389.95 PowerBass XL-POD6SR Black 6.5" Short Range 120 Watt Waterproof Pod Tower Speakers Wake Tower Speakers can bring new sound to your boat, and allow you to experience the water like never before! That said, most speakers will come with their own mounts which will have been designed to suit a marine environment. If you’ve been wakeboarding or wakeskating for a while and your boat’s stock tow points just aren’t cutting it anymore, then you have likely decided it’s time to put a wakeboard tower up. Amazon – Review. Adding an aftermarket wakeboard tower package with accessories can be one of the best investments and the most attractive upgrades you can make to your boat. Usual turnaround time on a basic tower setup (2 towers and a single amp) is around 3-6 hrs. If parking space is not a problem, then definitely opt for racks that have more permanent fasteners as they will stay secure and fixed in their position especially when carrying a few boards. Also on our site you will find a lot of other information about kitesurfing, wakeboarding, SUP and the like. We have collected a lot of useful information about Installing Speakers On Wakeboard Tower. … For example, the holes for the wires. Finally, keep all of your screws and mounting points checked. We have several accessories to accompany the wakeboard towers we install. Although most towers are made from stainless steel or high strength aluminum, they can start to develop pitting, especially if you are using your tower in salt or brackish water. Drill holes for the speaker wires in the bottom of one of the legs. The only modifications that would be done to the boat would be on the towers themselves. If you have been told that there would be more complex modification needed, then we suggest you re-evaluate the company. We install waketowers, tower speakers, boat audio systems, swim platforms and more. When thinking about purchasing Wake Tower Speakers, one of the things to look for is quality of the speakers themselves. You’re not alone, a proper wakeboard tower has become a total prerequisite for wakeboarding today. We have collected a lot of useful information about Installing Speakers On Wakeboard Tower. It’s pretty easy to get this part of the installation process right and doesn’t … We do not believe in “Best Wake Tower Speakers” because it really depends on the application. When properly installed, a wakeboard tower will become a permanent fixture of your boat that requires little maintenance. Another area of maintenance has to do with the joints and folding points of your tower. Speakers/mirrors should be installed after the tower is up and in place.