To become a pediatric nurse, an … Studying to become a pediatric nurse has some flexibility when it comes to educational requirements, and students can choose to complete their schooling as pediatric registered nurses or continue to pursue licensure as a pediatric nurse practitioner. To become a pediatric nurse, a person must attend school and training specifically for nursing. Education Requirements to Become a Pediatric Nurse. You are responsible for executing the nursing plan, coordinating with other health professionals, providing medication or therapies, and monitoring the patient’s responsiveness to the treatment. Pediatric nurses work in hospital and clinical settings with pediatricians, monitoring and providing care to children and infants. Two-year programs are offered by community colleges, while four-year programs are offered at colleges and universities. Discover the five steps to become a certified pediatric nurse or pediatric nurse practitioner, the various specializations available, and the average salary for … A pediatric nurse can sit for the examination from the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board (PNCB) to become a Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN) after gaining a few years of experience. Individuals who would like to become a Pediatric Nurse have a few paths to choose from when deciding on this career path.. Pediatric nurses typically work alongside doctors as they provide medical care for children and adolescents. Entry requirements for these courses can vary depending on where and how you’d like to study so it's important to check with universities. Individuals have the option to attend a bachelor’s program of science in Nursing (BSN), complete an accredited nursing program to receive a diploma or attend an associate’s program to complete an ADN. 9 Reasons to Specialize as a Pediatric Nurse 1. Education Flexibility. These programs are generally either two-year or four-year programs. To become an children's nurse the main route is through a degree course at university. The first steps are completing a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree program and passing the NCLEX-RN exam to become registered nurses. Specialty practice nurses, such as pediatric nurses, must first complete the basic requirements to become registered nurses. Pediatric nurses are in high demand, and according to the Bureau of Labor the number of registered nurses should grow 15% in less than ten years. A paediatric nurse specialises in providing nursing care for infants, young children, and adolescent patients who are ill and need special care.