However, I will point out that amongst the greatsword class, the Hollowslayer and Black Knight Great Swords are both pretty good for quality builds. A Hollow Greatsword with 60 STR/60 Dex/45 LCK has 673 AR. It's a superior weapon to the claymore in PVE and pvp if you're a quality build that doesn't buff or use resins. The Sword does extra damage to Hollows and has a really nice stance). Hollowslayaer Greatsword or Arstor's Spear? It’s built for PvP. BKG has 612 AR, Refined Greatsword has 590 AR. The downside is not every mob are hollow. Both have decent scaling, and some nice effect (spear has Health on Kill, and some poison damage. Hollowslayer deals 30% more damage to pretty much every humanoid enemy in the game (hollows), it's attacks consume less stamina, and every second attack of 2hr1 slashes horizontally.
Alternating horizontal swings, starting from right to left. But I can't make up my mind. I'm working on a Dex build right now, and I have to admit, both of these seem pretty sweet. BKS, Claymore are equally good IMO. BKS, Claymore are equally good IMO. You can obtain it by defeating Knight slayer near the large lava pool in the Demon Ruins. Does poorly with physical infusions on standard quality builds. 5 Hollowslayer Greatsword The Hollowslayer Greatsword is a fantastic weapon throughout the entire game due to it having a 20% damage bonus against any … When it comes to quality builds, you can do no wrong with the Hollowslayer Greatsword, as it is the best weapon for it. However, the Greatsword can be buffed. Nevertheless, it is still an excellent weapon to use before moving on to a better one for your build. Going for a high poise/high damage build. The Black Knight Sword is another good sword to have at mid-level as it is good for stun-locking weak armored and low poise enemies. An honorable mention would be Hollowslayer Greatsword as it deals with 20% bonus damage against Hollow. I wouldn't call it the best in the Greatsword class unless for PvE. The Greatsword benefits greatly from Hollow and Raw infusions. Hollowslayer is good at catching players who roll towards you, but the other greatswords are just as good at catching players that roll away from you. Really want to use Wolnir's for my faith build. Gets bested by the Black Knight Greatsword on a 40/40 build. One of the gigantic straight greatswords.