Designer Goyard Exterior An attractive tote highlighted by the fine chevron pattern print,making up the bag exterior,a detachable coin purse that can be slung out. The shoulder strap has approximately an 8.5" drop. Traveling in the City of Lights was the perfect time and place to shop for a new travel tote. Although to some, totes may seem interchangeable, Goyard’s two popular options differ in important aspects. Weekend trip to DC – This time I brought my Birkin 25 in bubblegum pink and a Chanel mini in orange patent. The mystery Hermès box coming home from DC. It also is better for taller people and for wearing over a coat. The Artois GM size has my Birkin 30 nesting inside here. The PM is 11 inches wide across the bottom, while the GM is 13 inches wide, which makes them popular choices for day bags or carry-ons, respectively. As the PurseBop community knows from reading about my other voyages, a blue Goyard Saint Louis often totes along and forms the basis for a whole lot of bag nesting starting with B35s. Birkin 30, however, is a great fit unzippered; the Birkin handles prevent closure, but otherwise is a great option. Closure – The Saint Louis is an open top tote, providing easy casual access. Let’s take a look at each tote style in both of the available sizes and in the black and specialty color options, shall we? May 10, 2018, Hermès in Paris With PurseBop: Part I of the Trilogy, PurseBop Scores at Hermès Faubourg Saint Honoré: Part II of the Trilogy, Goyard Saint Louis – The Tote of All Totes, PurseBop Scores at Hermès Faubourg Saint Honoré: Part II of the, Louis Vuitton vs Goyard: Celebrity Tote Showdown, The Bannière : A New Way to Personalize your Goyard, A Birkin is Not Just Any Tote – Here’s 15 of Them We Want You to See, Travel Reminder: Don’t Put Your Birkin in Checked Luggage, Your Top Picks – The Best Handbag Articles of 2018. I’m finding them large enough. She also sent me a color chart, and examples of the 2 different fonts that they offer for customization. She responded to my emails within 24 hours, sending me a sketched-picture of the St Louis tote, and official dimensions of both the PM and GM. Sizes: Goyard Saint Louis PM Bag: 19′ x 11′ x 6′ inches: Goyard Saint Louis GM Bag: 23′ x 13′ x 7′ inches: Goyard Anjou Reversible Tote Prices. Here’s the practical on how it works for travel and bag nesting. The Artois has a zipper top, providing extra security. The Goyard Saint Louis Tote has been on my shopping list for some time.I purchased one for my sister back in May from Barney’s, but could not come to a decision as to the best size for my personal needs.My sister shared with me how much she enjoyed her PM that adding one to my collection was soon inevitable. Same for the Kelly 32, great fit unzippered. Artois is much more comfortable when worn over the shoulder. A Birkin 35 will not fit. By Amanda Mull • Jun 28, 2018. Few extra Goyard goodies came home with me. With this tote, Goyard focused on functionality; the St. Louis is known for its simplicity, lightness and generous size. The Kelly nests comfortably in its dustbag inside the tote but the Artois cannot be zippered. My trip in April to NYC – I only put one Kelly 32 Sellier in Blue Paradise inside the Artois. The Artois also has a zipper – providing security to keep your items in and unwanted hands out. Meet the Goyard Saint Louis Tote XXL. The result of downsizing is that my Saint Louis is now oversized for my needs. Menu. Create unlimited popups at any size (even fullscreen) with any modules in them. You’ll need to catch up with the end of Part II to follow the twist of events to the #PariswithPurseBop series (read: PurseBop Scores at Hermès Faubourg Saint Honoré: Part II of the Trilogy).In fact I insist you catch up before Part III coming this weekend. If that’s your go-to, stay with the Saint Louis. Year Created: Unclear Sizes Currently Produced: PM and GM Availability: In-Store at Goyard boutiques or Goyard leased departments in Bergdorf Goodman or select Barneys locations. The Goyard Saint Louis tote is by far the most popular Goyard bag and it comes in two sizes: PM and GM. The shoulder strap is a bit longer as well – good for taller people and anyone sporting a coat. Like the Saint Louis, the Goyard Artois is a rectangular-shaped tote composed of goyardine canvas with sturdy thin shoulder straps available in two sizes (although the Artois comes in PM and MM and the Saint Louis is MM and GM). Dimensions: 11″ W x 19″ H x 6″ D (including handles) Prices: $1,200 in Classic Colors, $1,560 in Special Colors So what’s the difference? The Goyard St Louis GM tote measures 22.25" x 13.25" x 7.25" and has a 7.625" x 4.25" detachable leather pouch. I find the PM the perfect size for this style and if I’m not mistaken, my fellow bag hag, Fashion Juice, is eyeing for a Saint Louis in PM too.Well, who wouldn’t love Goyard Saint Louis? The next bag that has been warmly received by the fashion industry is the Goyard Anjou Bag. The Artois does not but instead has a sturdy interior pocket for suitable for holding a wallet, phone and/or travel documents. Note difference in shoulder strap length. The Artois has leather corners that provide a base foundation to hold shape even when empty. This surprise orange box is from Paris and arrived to the US with my parents. Grab & Go: The Goyard Reference Guide It’s a shopping tote that comes in three sizes- the junior, PM and GM. The Goyard Artois comes trimmed in black leather or natural leather. Orange Birkin 35, Hermès sneakers, Louis Vuitton luggage. The Goyard St. Louis Tote: The St. Louis is one of the most sought after Goyard handbags. My Barenia Birkin 30 sitting besides the pm and mm sizes of the Artois tote. We calculated a 32% saving across the board  for both bags in all sizes if purchasing the totes in Paris. Stay Current with PurseBop Features and News, Pursebop is the culmination of a childhood dream to share my appreciation for the whimsy of fashion.... Read more, Subscribe to stay updated with the latest handbag news, on For starters, my bags have shrunk. Anyway, one of the most famous bags of Goyard is the Saint Louis. Obviously, the Artois tote is more expensive than the Saint Louis.