It’s a strong (and very literary) choice. Amara Rooted in Greek, this elegant and regal name rolls off the tongue. Love is always a wonderful meaning for a name, and there are baby names meaning love for baby girls and boys in every language and style, including the Welsh Rhys and … Your baby’s name is something that will be totally your choice and will stay for the rest of life with her. Simply meaning “life” this uncommon girl name … The Scottish meaning of the name is “from a strong place”. But no matter how you spell it, they all mean “beloved.” Aphrodite In Greek mythology, she’s the goddess of love. Soraya is a beautiful baby name that means “a very bright light”. "; Andrea - This lovely Greek classic name for girls means "brave defender of men. Many boy names were created long ago by combining different ancient words. Girl Names That Mean "Brave" These girl names mean strong and brave. Of course, names with love meanings can also work for any child welcomed into the world with love. Girl baby names that mean love. Young readers might also know the name Nyx from the popular Goddess Girls series: in ... and known for her many lovers. “Olga” or “Helga” is the Finnish equivalent, and it means “bringer of light”. "; Bern - This simple French name for girls means "brave." 3. Here are 129 pretty girls' names for every letter of the alphabet and their gorgeous meanings. Aiko: In the Japanese language, the meaning of Aiko is “the little-loved one”. The name Freya literally translates to "noble woman," and Nameberry calls it "one of the fastest rising names of the past few years," which probably means you have, in fact, heard of it. Soraya. "; Anoud - An Arabic name for girls, this means "brave and courageous. A unique little girl's name that means “little song”. It means “lovely forever.” Aimee There are many different variations of this French name, such as Amy, Amie and Ami. It is a beautiful girl name that means strength. Baby names that mean love might be the perfect choice for a baby born near Valentine's Day or conceived on a honeymoon. There are options from all over the world: Amandla - This strong African name means "powerful, brave woman. Studies have shown that a name’s meaning … While you can find some ready-made names that mean love and strength, for example, you can also create your own by learning the etymology of words. We've rounded up over 100 pretty baby girl names and the meaning behind each one... We all know that a moniker is an important part of someone's personality and of course, identity - so a lot of mums opt a pretty name to match our daughter's nature and good looks (she gets it from her mother!) Amorette: Amorette is a French name meaning “little love”. Teagan. 2. That’s why we have brought a never-seen-before list of unique baby girl names and meanings for expecting parents. Aimilios: The name has a Greek origin, and the meaning of the name is “strength”. It is also the Greek version of the name “Emily”. Boy Names That Mean Love and Something Else. The name would sound so cute and perfect for your dear daughter. Vivienne. Agapealke - Greek words for love (agape) and strength (alke) combined Teagan is an Irish name with many beautiful meanings such as “poet”, “attractive”, “beautiful”, or “perfect. Top 25 Baby Names That Mean Love For Girls: 1. No name could be sweeter than Amorette, and we mean it.