I especially like your point about gauging trust. THE TOP 7 CHALLENGES FACING LEADERS TODAY Published on May 18, 2015 May 18, 2015 • 160 Likes • 33 Comments Another strong trend for the future is collective leadership. Brian Solis often reflects on the future of business and how technology can disrupt our world. It’s likely that in a few years we won’t see any heroic leaders anymore, but a brand new form of leadership that will perfectly match the requirements posed by new working environments, where adaptive challenges cannot be … The HERA serious game environment will be described and the game dynamics, scenarios and challenges will be … Thus, the challenges should be core focus areas for managerial development, everywhere in the world, and in all organizations. * future leadership challenges * leadership of the future * leadership for the future * future of leadership theory * leadership in future. She is the CEO behind Dosomething.org, a portal designed for social change; and the founder & CEO of Loris.ai and Crisis Text Line. Today, employees continue to seek guidance from their leaders, who must find time to reassure their people while trying to establish a pole position for the future. Chris Dern says. Knowing that these leadership challenges are common experiences for middle and senior managers is helpful, both to the leaders and to those charged with their development, according to our researchers. ©2016 Center for Creative Leadership. January 7, 2012 at 12:36 pm. These leadership challenges include gaining managerial support, managing up, and getting buy-in from other departments, groups, or individuals. Nancy Lublin provides advice on more lighthearted topics, which are perfect after a long day’s work. Very useful and insightful topic. 40. 41. Leadership was then—and remains—a huge challenge, even for companies relatively unscathed by economic turmoil. Jennifer Bridges, PMP, discusses common leadership challenges, what the role looks like to the team and the larger organization, and how one must constantly adjust in order to succeed. Scores of people talk about leadership and its benefits, but few mention the obstacles that leaders face. The Future of Leadership Development.