Their maximum size is not yet known, and it is believed that the fish may grow to 30 cm or above in the future. This practice is unhealthy for the fish, and the color will fade with time. What is the price of Kamalau Flowerhorn fish in America? The finnage and sunken eyes reflect the Kamfa genes. There is a very pronounced chin or "gobbler". [1][unreliable source] This crossbreeding led to the first generation of hua luo han flowerhorn hybrids (often generically called luohans in English), which were then followed by subsequent flowerhorn introductions. Distinctive features of this strain include an intense black double flower row along the lateral line, and very thick white pearling. Hobbyists have to wait until 8–10 months for a male fish to reach sexual maturity then pair it with a female to test fertility.[2]. Created by Ah Soon of Malaysia, these fish are characterized by a large stocky body, as well as metallic pearling. They are usually kept at a water temperature of 80–85 °F, and a pH of 7.4–8.0. Coast Gem USA offers award winning Flowerhorn cichlid at competitive prices. Most ILC IndoMalaus will include some singular flowers on the back line or "top row". [citation needed], This is a cross of a Kamfa male and a Malau female. Fins typically take on a "frosted" pearl look that is rarely found in any other varieties of flowerhorn. Weak tails can also carry over, however.[1]. The back half is a golden gradient intensifying in color towards the tail. The Thai Silk, also known as Titanium, is a relatively new strain which is almost completely metallic blue, gold, or white. Orange: the majority of red Texas fall into this category.… [1], From the Kamfa family, these Flowerhorns are known for their massive nuchal humps, also called a kok, and their strikingly varied patterning. Males have the kok, or the nuchal hump, on their foreheads. The front half of the fish, from the pectoral fins forwards, is red. The body and face resemble a typical Kamfa (see above). [1][unreliable source] Taiwanese and Malaysians admired fish with protruding heads, known as 'kaloi' or 'warships', found in the western part of the nation. It can be a particularly expensive flowerhorn, carrying a price tag of more than one thousand dollars. The body is very wide and high, a throwback to the original luohan. Interest in flowerhorns resulted in culling of surplus and deformed fish, some of which were dumped in the wild in Malaysia and Singapore, where they survived and disrupted riverine and pond ecosystems. Buy Flowerhorn Fish – also known as the Luo Han fish – from $9.99 to $699.00. Red Flower Horn Fish, Size: Natural Rs 1,800/ Piece. The blood parrots are smaller, with a bigger head, more protruding eyes, and a V-shaped mouth. Selective breeding continued through 1998, when the Seven-colors Blue Fiery Mouth (also known as Greenish Gold Tiger) was imported from Central America, and crossbred with the Jin Gang Blood Parrot from Taiwan. Get Quote. Breeders often cross other types with Zhen Zhus because they breed easily and can create better pearling (flowerline) for the next generation. Choose from hundreds of stunning Flowerhorn for Sale. Head flowers can be found on the Kamfa, but not as prominently as with Zhen Zhus. The strain is characterized by extensive pearling all over the body, face, and head. Their importation is banned in Australia. In 1995, the blood parrots were further crossbred with the Human Face Red God of Fortune, which produced a new breed called the Five-colors God of Fortune. Within the golden bases, the unfaded ones developed an attractive golden skin in place of what had been the flowerhorn's grey skin. Most breeders are striving to produce Flower Horn Fish … The mouth of the male is thicker and more pronounced than the female's. Flowerhorn breeding dates to 1993. Show Filters ... Filter by price. It has a rounded tail, large mouth, red protruding eyes, and a prominent head flower. Our flowerhorn cichlids are hand selected from the best breeders in Thailand ranging from large, juvenile, large head, vibrant color, srt, kamfa, and more. Strains can also differ by country of origin and by breeder. [1], King Kong Parrots are sometimes colored purple or blue by pigment injection. Pearling usually crosses all the way across the head bump, another rarity in flowerhorn varieties. [1] Faders are called by that name because during the juvenile period of life they first lose their color and go completely black then, as the fading process continues, the black fades away, leaving a more vibrant color, usually yellow or red.