Mercury is very toxic and therefore no longer allowed in thermometers from 1-1-2003. Step 2: Remove the strip from its packaging, and peel off the plastic from the back. Required fields are marked *, Looking for: Experienced aquarist who want to share knowledge. The easiest way to do this is to use a pipette or syringe with a needle that sucks up the globule. The red color is a colorant that has been added to the alcohol or petroleum. The picture that say is dat erg? Last night I put my old heater from my 10 gallon tank that's supposed to keep the temperature right between 70 and 80, but I don't know how well it works in a 46 gallon tank. Thermometer has constantly told me the temp is 65°F! An aquarium thermometer is used to keep an eye on the temperature of the aquarium. In order to make a stick-on fish tank thermometer as accurate as possible, Starting an Aquarium suggests making sure there is no direct sunlight falling on the strip and that it is not right next to a heating or cooling source such as a furnace, fireplace, air conditioner vent, swamp cooler, etc. Assuming the heater works, set it so it just comes on, and monitor the temperature on an accurate thermometer. The one weve been using really isn't power enough for our tank. An aquarium thermometer is inexpensive and usually much more accurate than the thermostat on an aquarium heater. 1. Over cleaned tank? Make sure your tank is not affected by the sun or fish tank's lights while testing. It can go on the front, back, or side of the tank. We called and they're holding them for us, but we haven't been back over there. What fish could live in a 1/2 gallon tank with no heater or filter? The heater should start to get warm within a minute. Let’s start with a very affordable and basic digital thermometer like this one. In the photo above, you see that the thermometer sticker strip indicates that the temperature inside the tank is between 86-90°F (30-32°C). The chance of a break then becomes greater. Long before the ban on the use of mercury came into force, many thermometers were already provided with a different content. Catch all your fish as quickly as possible and place them in clean (tap) water. Also, good for Kombucha brewing. Make sure that the surface is dry as well. If a thermometer with Galinstan breaks, the liquid metal does not form spheres. I'll test out the heater like you said. Mercury vapors are toxic if you inhale enough. Empty the entire aquarium. My fish seem fine, but I don't know what's not working! Turn the heater off at least 15 minutes prior to removing it from your tank. Assuming the heater works, set it so it just comes on, and monitor the temperature on an accurate thermometer. The thermometer is submerged in the water because it has a built-in sensor. PLEASE HELP. I personally have never seen an aquarium thermometer that uses Galinstan. To make the bottom of the aquarium thermometer heavier, metal-colored balls are often added. Of course, just like with the alcohol thermometer, it must be cleaned up as soon as possible. Don’t just throw them away but treat them as chemical waste! Advice: if you have a glass thermometer, view the inner column. I don't know if its my thermometer or if its my heater, but the temperature, according to my thermometer, has NOT changed, even when I adjusted the heater from between 5 and 6 to between 7 and 8. But what should you do if your aquarium thermometer is broken and the content has ended up in your aquarium? Mercury thermometer: The mercury thermometer is recognizable as the silver / gray liquid contained in the inner tube and the globule. These areas can affect thermometers reading. Position the thermometer strip on the tank where you want it. My dad said he though he saw it glowing last night like its supposed to, but I thought it was just the glass reflecting light from the hallway. Step 1: Wipe down the outer glass of your fish tank, especially the section where you’ll adhere the strip. Michelle Roodbergen Mercury thermometer by Jurii – CC BY 4.0 – Based on a work on HELP!!! So, no worries, you have a harmless one. Step 2: Use a thermometer or your hands to compare the temperature. Fish Tank Essential. Thermometer. To see if the heater is working, put it on a high setting then feel it. It is a metal alloy that is liquid at room temperature. In case the aquarium heater light on but not working, you can check if the heater broke or not with the next step. Step 4. If I set the heater in my tank at 28 deg Celsius the thermometer on my tank... Heater Theory - Why Your Heater Isn't Broken (Probably). Your email address will not be published. The big advantage of a mercury thermometer is the accuracy, they are accurate to 0.2 degree. Just like mercury thermometers, they are very accurate.