OLD WORLD BLUES: THE COMEDY AND TRAGEDY OF LOSING YOUR FRIENDS TO MAD SCIENCE, Fallout New Vegas is like the First Punic War, Galactus Event First Phase Theory [POSSIBLE SPOILERS], First time legend, after 5 years and 3293 games won, with totem shaman. 3) Fallout 4 companions feel more desirable to have around. They are confined to an underground hole, difficult to find, hard to work with, and the payoff doesn't feel that satisfying. 2) The radio is better in Fallout 4 as is the in game music. For a game so focused on conversation and interaction, the ability to make your character look and feel real is worth the extra mile. Spending some time on both games I would say that no, Fallout 4 is not better than New Vegas. It's one of my all-time favorite games out there, and I'm not alone in that. However, it is Fallout 4 which boasts the… With multiple variations and limited charge time (screw fusion cores), this adds a dynamic to using power armor that New Vegas just doesn't bring to the table. Between saving only when you find a bed, limited ammo, double damage dealt and received, suffering through dehydration and hunger while trying not to die of radiation poisoning... it's as close to the nuclear apocalypse as I would ever like to be. The quest takes forever, even if you know where everything is. Fallout 4 has a more extensive radio soundtrack. This allows you to create your own personal armor and hand-tailor it for the situation you plan on running into, guns blazing. Similarly I’ve yet to see the NCR and Caesar’s Legion skirmish close to New Vegas. There’s also Travis who, whether you do his quest or don’t, is entertaining. I hate how Bethesda just completely ignores everything Obsidian has done and refuses to progress the series, Fallout: New Vegas Veronica/Faction Questions, Fallout New Vegas- The Couriers obvious choice, Camp Locations with Structures or other Details. The problem is that you can only hear Johnny Guitar, Blue Moon, or Big Iron so many times on repeat before you flip off the radio for good. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a328837a26c39751dbadaae11979bfe9" );document.getElementById("jd85c59b81").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); 2020 GamesToGather: Reviews of popular games, guides, patches, mods, walkthroughs, new developments, updates and much more. Anyone can get behind that plot, and would take on an army of Super Mutants to get their child back. The effort that clearly went into the DLCs was obviously greater in Fallout 4 than it was in New Vegas, making the choice in the two games pretty clear when it comes to additional content. The writing in Fallout 4 is atrocious, it's bland and shallow and so are the characters. Why do people hate Bethesda for “shoehorning” the BoS in their Fallout games. Being able to customize whole areas as you go definitely adds to the immersion of the game; these places start to feel like a home and like they're yours. Though there have been many games in the series thus far, the installment prior to 4 is Fallout: New Vegas which is one of the most coveted games to Fallout fans. | Privacy Policy | Contact Us, I think the Enclave are Fallout's best Antagonists, My concept for a new game, Fallout:Hawaii. New Vegas was a generation behind, but even for its time it was not the leader in animation or realism. You're emotionally invested in the character from the beginning, after watching your spouse die. Speaking of power armor: Ad Victoriam, brothers. There's just nothing like a baseball bat with attached saw blades for kicking some Raider or Ghoul butt with some style. It’s important to make that clear before we go around talking smack about a Bethesda Game. In times of uncertainty, video games allow us to escape from the stress of the real world. Every player of this game has a settlement that they've made into a home, and people get really attached to their creations and spend tons of time building them up and decorating their houses. Twitter: @KGibblesAndBits. New Vegas is packed full of bullsh*t quests that make the grind ever so real. 28 quality-of-life changes I’d like to see in the game right now. Easy pick with this one. New Vegas changed the Fallout series by adding modifications to guns, which opened up the Mojave to some new combat options. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. With no real change to combat, the realism of being dehydrated is immediately taken away by having to dump 1,000 10mm rounds into a raider's head before they are killed. Folks, Bethesda Softworks games are all universally amazing. Think of me as the go to guy for opinions you didn't know you wanted. Yet in New Vegas I always felt like the Brotherhood was underrepresented. You can convert your rifle to your ammunition needs. You're encouraged to look in every nook and cranny, and search every jetted-out addict's body to find every piece of scroungeable loot possible. New Vegas gave you a canyon and a 9mm, while Fallout 4 gave you a re-imagined theme park, a harbor in Maine with a threat worse than a radiation storm, and the ability to make your own robot companions, among other things. The diversity between the perks and the games is one of the paramount points in why Fallout 4 is the superior choice. But it’s still a fantastic film. But I’ve yet to see this just play out. For example you won’t see thugs randomly fight with the Kings or if you don’t solve the Kings/NCR dispute then I won’t see them skirmishing around parts of Freeside despite being told that it’s starting to happen when I first enter Freeside. New Vegas has one thing that Bethesda does not: Chris Avellone. They have been in every Fallout game as “That faction, but they’re familiar.”, Feed the people is the most underrated event. The Survival Mode in 4 is dynamic, new and refreshing... while New Vegas' Survival Mode just feels tedious and obnoxious. Now again, credit where it’s due to New Vegas every song that they play fits with New Vegas. It’s eerie and at times even makes me feel uncomfortable. They arrive in an airship and start droppin' Vertibirds and Paladins like it's nobody's business. Find your son. November 2020 is filled with tons of games to pay attention to thanks to the upcoming launch of PS5 /Xbox Series X and beyond. There isn't anyone better at designing roleplaying games with quality writing then CA. Prefer .45 over .50? But in 4, a horde of feral ghouls have the ability to rip apart your power armor. But in 4, a horde of feral ghouls have the ability to rip apart your power armor. That said heres my opinion on where Fallout 4 bested New Vegas. There isn’t a lot going on beyond the storylines. Not to mention, 99% of everything seems to debuff you to the point of wishing Benny left you dead in that ditch. As you can see in the image above, Fallout 4 has the largest map in Fallout history. The Brotherhood feels like an intimidating force not to be messed with in 4; in New Vegas they feel like some upset children hiding from reality. In 3 and New Vegas, ferals were anything but dangerous. These ferals now sprint, like Usain Bolt heading to the finish line, and dive and twist with the agility of a puma. Two games in one is the best reason Fallout 4 will always come out on top compared to New Vegas. In 3 and New Vegas, ferals were anything but dangerous. Finding power armor and getting power armor training in New Vegas is quite the pain in the ass. When I stop and look at Boston I think about how beautiful the city must have been before the bombs fell and how even though I never saw it and never can see it, for some reason, I want to see it. Perks make the Fallout world go round, and Fallout 4 has the coolest way of picking your perks, offers the most perks, and gives the most description on what those perks will actually do to benefit the Lone Survivor. The characters are dynamic, the choices feel real, and the radio is the perfect soundtrack to wandering.