3M ACE - Elastic Bandage with Hook (Velcro) Closure is designed to provide support and compression during recovery and return to normal activities. This is an Ace Bandage type compression wrap. 3M ACE Elastic Bandage With VELCRO Brand Closure provides a velcro fastener which enables the bandage to be wrapped easily and securely. $9.19. Premium Elastic Bandage Wrap Compression Roll, Includes Hook and Loop Closure, Set of 2 Pack, One Rolls of Each Size 6 Inch x 4.6 Meter Polyester Cotton. For best results, stretch and apply these elastic bandages before securing the Velcro closures.According to the manufacturer these elastic bandages … The ACE Elastic bandage can be worn for extended … Available in 4 sizes: 2" x 5yds, 3" x 5yds, 4" x 5yds, and 6" x 5yds. 4.2 out of 5 stars 145. kerlix gauze bandage rolls, ace wraps with velcro 4 inch, hemostatic dressing,, tubular stretch bandage, ankle ice pack wrap, 6 inch ace bandage with velcro,, ace ankle brace, body sport knee brace, roller gauze, ace knee sleeve,, ankle brace for sprained ankle, ace wrist support for carpal tunnel, ace knee support,, ace, coban, leg compression machine for home use, combat gauze, olaes bandage, 3M provides firm support and compression for strains and sprains. Buy McKesson Medi-Pak Knit Elastic Bandage Wraps with Velcro. 3M Bandage … Premium Elastic Bandages are a non-slip compression and support wrap that uses no pins, clips, or tape. It easily retains elasticity after repeated use and washings. These premium elastic bandages with velcro have a 1' Velcro start strip and a 2' Velcro closure strip for easy and securefastening.