Doerner Fir (formerly Brummit Fir) The Doerner Fir (formerly named the Brummit Fir) is certainly one of Oregon’s largest Douglas Firs and its tallest, topping out at nearly 330 feet high. View a map of this area and more on Natural Atlas. Its jaw-dropping height makes it one of the tallest non-redwood trees in the world. Despite its size, it somehow wasn’t discovered until 1989. Winding roads take travelers through some of the most valuable forests in the nation to this site in Oregon's Coast Range mountains. It’s currently more than 300 feet tall, and its trunk spans nearly 12 feet. The Doerner Fir is the tallest known Douglas Firin the world, standing 329 feet high and 11.5 feet in diameter. T801 Doerner Fir Trail is a trail on East Fork Brummit Creek in Oregon. The Doerner Fir is one of the largest coast Douglas fir trees in the world, and the Doerner Fir Trail near Burnt Mountain offers stunning views of these trees. The trail is steep in spots and sturdy footwear is recommended. The 1/2 mile trail leading to the Fir takes you through one of the coast's finest old growth forests. Plan B was Doerner Fir, arguably the largest Douglas Fir in the world and inarguably the world's tallest non-redwood tree. Not only is the Doerner Fir (formerly known as the Brummit Fir) the largest in Oregon, it’s the tallest Douglas Fir in the entire world, and the tallest non-redwood tree. With a diameter of 11.5 feet, the Doerner Fir is not close to being the largest known Douglas fir when measured by wood volume. It had been quite a few years since I had been in there, so I thought it would be good to … View a map of this area and more on Natural Atlas. Directions to Doerner Fir trail are pretty easy to find online coming from Coos Bay. Apparently, the BLM office in Roseburg is supposed to have a map. With a circumference of over 11.5' and a height of 327', it's a monster. Directions from Roseburg & Winston near Interstate 5 seem hard to come by. Doerner Fir Trailhead is a trailhead in Oregon.