building sea walls, genetically modified crops, exploring alternative living habitats), THR the social preference for positivity and optimism, You have been a moderate Republican for the last 10 years, and identify the most with the GOP establishment. THBT developing countries should pursue investment agreements that require state-to-state arbitrations, compared to agreements which grant foreign investors standing to sue governments in investor-state arbitrations. Access the motions spreadsheet directly here. No more clicking through a bajillion sites or blog posts to find motions on feminism - we can give you a list of recent ones. THR anthropocentrism in the environmental rights movement. Debbie is a great debate trainer and she will also join us at the IDAS 2008 so watch, comment and rate the video if you like it. We tried to make a very diverse list of motions from different content areas and for different publics and occasions. THBT it is justified for an individual to prioritise their own self-interest over alleviating universal suffering. I want to help everyone to be a better debater and if you want to help too, please let me know. Access the motions spreadsheet directly here, Motions set by the 2021 Korea WUDC CA Team, Motions set by the 2020 Astana EUDC CA Team, Filter for only international tournaments. Advanced debate strategies. Here is a list of motions we are missing. Recent Debates. THW embrace the rise of private cities (i.e. Motion Classes. THS the managed relocation of biodiversity in response to climate change. This is not perpetual motion. Motions are a combination of classical ones and very specific ones. They are themed, so find your theme and pick your motion. Eko Atlantic,Tatu City,Hope City,Cite le Flueve), TH, as Christians, regrets the rise of popular mainstream artists co-opting Gospel themes in their works (i.e. Random Motion. If you end up using some, please post in the comments and tell me. THW place a time limit on all private land ownership in major cities. Motion; 2020-10-07 : Debate for Donation Open : 1 : THW embrace the rise of private cities (i.e. THBT the notion of journalistic objectivity has done more harm than good. This is a list of debate motions, not from debate tournaments, but they are great to debate. THBT the feminist movement should focus its efforts on encouraging men to "lean out" rather than on encouraging women to "lean in". Each class signals how much freedom the Proposition teams will have in their definition of the key terms in the motion. Ten Random Motions. Debate Motion Central Debating Topics from Around the World. 0/5 (0 Reviews) Points of information, WDI, Rhydian Morgan February 14, 2013 This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Search for motions by keyword, category, Chief Adjudicator or tournament. They are themed, so find your theme and pick your motion. THR the 2016 election of Donald Trump as president of the USA, THBT the choice of the economic liberalism as a dominant doctrine by major international financial institutions does more harm than good, THP a world where humans cannot perceive aesthetic beauty. I have been a debater, a debate trainer, debate tournament organizer and everything else with a debate prefix for more than 10 years and I’ve seen it all. Showing 1–2 of 6 results Sale! Hey, my name is Peter and I’m the author of this website and all the content on this page. Our order process is conducted by our online reseller This motor uses permanent magnets for power, NOT its own energy. International Driving Permit – Where Do You Need It? THBT the United States should pursue aggressive containment of China (e.g. Irish National Law Debates / Open_Final / 2014-02-14 Wednesday, December 2, 2015. THBT the use of violence to advance the cause of disenfranchised sexual minorities and women in Russia is legitimate. Paddle provides all customer service inquiries and handles returns, United Asian Debating Championship Motions. The selection of debate motions presented here is a selection made on the basis of motions debated in the last three years at different tournaments and trainings. Perpetual motion involves a generator that creates more power than it makes and uses the excess to power itself. Keep on debating! THW disallow religious leaders from publicly endorsing, rejecting, or commenting on any political party or candidate. is the Merchant of Record for all our orders. economic sanctions, diplomatic threats, remilitarization of South China Sea and Japan, countering China's influence in various regions). If you end up using some, please post in the comments and tell me. School & Young People’s Issues • This House would restrict advertising aimed at children • This House would abolish school uniforms • This House would make the teaching of Gaelic compulsory in all Scottish schools • This House would abolish the school run • This House would lower the voting age to 16 • This House would extend the school leaving age to 18 • This House would start school later • This House supports random drugs testing in schools • This House believes punishment exercises do not work • This House believes schools should be mobile phone-free zones • This House would impose a curfew on all teenagers under the age of 16 • This House would ban fatty foods in schools • This House would make competitive sports compulsory in schools • This House would replace teachers with computers • This House would allow parents to smack children • This House would abolish exams • This House would abolish homework • This House believes that single sex schools are better than mixed schools • This House would rather go to boarding school • This House would educate disabled children in special schools, Scotland • This House would support Scottish independence • This House would devolve more power to the Scottish Parliament • This House believes that Scottish MPs should not be allowed to vote on English matters • This House believes that the Scottish Parliament should have a second chamber United Kingdom Politics • This House would make voting compulsory • This House believes ASBOs should be scrapped • This House would ban blood sports • This House would abolish the monarchy • This House would reintroduce fox hunting • This House would abolish the National Lottery • This House demands a fully elected House of Lords • This House would ban extremist political parties, Global • This House believes that the EU should make English its common language • This House would join the Euro • This House would admit Turkey to the European Union • This House believes nuclear weapons make the World a safer place • This House would prohibit international adoption • This House would never go to war, Animal Rights • This House would ban zoos • This House would stop experimenting on animals • This House would ban the wearing of fur • This House would ban factory farming • This House believes keeping animals as pets should be banned, Economics • This House believes outsourcing is good for everyone involved • This House believes Britain should give more money in aid to other countries, Environmental • This House believes the Environment must come first • This House calls for urgent action on Global Warming • This House would tax goods and services proportionally to the amount of C02 that they generate • This House supports Government subsidies for non-petrol cars • This House would make it compulsory for households to use government schemes that collect recyclable rubbish • This House would introduce road pricing in the UK • This House believes nuclear power stations are the way forward • This House would go on holiday in the UK, Health • This House would make tobacco a Class A drug • This House would ban smoking • This House would move to an opt-out system of organ donation • This House believes healthcare should be delivered entirely by private companies, Law & Order • This House would put cameras in the courtroom • This House supports the death penalty • This House would arm the Police, Media • This House would censor racist views in the media • This House believes that there is too much sex and violence on TV, Moral • This House believes thin models are poor role models • This House would outlaw rap music • This House would ban Reality TV • This House would ban beauty contests • This House would ban violent video games • This House would ban nuclear weapons • This House would ban the consumption of alcohol outside the home • This House would legalise cannabis • This House would ban Holocaust denial • This House believes the media should leave celebrities alone • This House would be vegetarian • This House believes magazines and newspapers should be forced to feature more normal looking people • This House would carry an ID card, Science • This House would invest in the space race • This House believes Science is a threat to humanity • This House would clone Human Beings • This House would allow stem cell research • This House would allow the teaching of Intelligent Design alongside the theory of Evolution in school Science lessons • This House believes all farms should be organic • This House would prohibit space tourism, Sport • This House believes footballers are paid too much • This House would ban boxing • This House would ban fishing • This House believes football clubs should be held responsible for the behaviour of their fans • This House would ban alcohol advertising in sport • This House believes you should support your local football team not a famous football team.