Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) and Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL) Track specializations may be taken between Grades 9 to 12. TR based TLE and the Entrepreneur based TLE ‐‐‐and every school has a choice as to which stream to offer, with consideration for faculty, facilities and resources. We liked the idea of narrowing the focus of an entrepreneurship curriculum, but we also asked Steve if there were courses he deemed essential when designing a curriculum. Entrepreneurship 7. This Teacher’s Guide is intended for you, the TLE teacher, who teaches any of the more than 24 TLE exploratory courses in the Grades 7 and 8 of the K to 12 curriculum. To ensure that you teach the TLE exploratory courses the way they were intended to be taught, you must see the big picture of the K to 12 curriculum and the teaching of TLE. Here are the four core entrepreneurial classes or concepts Steve believes should be included: The curriculum was not revised and the identified MELCs are lifted from the existing curriculum guide without any enhancement or modification. ... K to 12 Curriculum Guides for TLE; ACADEMIC TRACK 1. HOW TO USE MELCs IN TEACHING EPP/TLE/TVL The duration stipulated in this document is not prescriptive, rather suggestions but the … Research Project/Culminating Activity Senior High School Specialized Subjects A. K TO 12 CURRICULUM GUIDE EDUKASYONG PANTAHANAN AT PANGKABUHAYAN (EPP) and TECHNOLOGY AND LIVELIHOOD EDUCATION (TLE Moreover, this will guide you in determining relevant and appropriate teaching techniques and strategies that will tailor fit to the learning needs and demands of the learners to make them best understand, appreciate and be inspired in realizing the importance of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial competencies related to Carpentry. Exploratory Subjects at 40 hours per quarter are taken during Grades 7 to 8. Both streams are based on the training regulations, but the Entrepreneur based TLE embeds entrepreneurship concepts in the Download the curriculum guides for senior high school in PDF format from DepEd. Directing - business plan is implemented by the entrepreneur - he is the director-monitoring the production of goods & services - guides the work activities - sees to it that standards in the production are followed Controlling - this is the evaluation aspects of entrepreneurship - checking the quality of goods & services 21. Steve Blank’s 4 Essential Courses for Entrepreneurship Curriculum.