Community building follows a simple formula: 90-9-1 90% Are passive participants. Building B2B communities doesn’t always mean trying to create a “brand community” where your company and its offerings are the primary focus; this can be tough to accomplish, and even when you do, you’re unlikely to pull in many members outside of your existing customer base. In order to get there, we need to know our audience's needs and expectations. Get started with any of the methods listed above, and watch your community grow! Buyers are people craving connection in a time when they are forced to be physically distant. Building communities is essentially a brand presence strategy. Social media is a great opportunity for brands, but building a community is about much more than just promotion. Brands recalibrate to community-building during quarantine Social distancing mandates upended in-person activations, leading marketers to get creative with cultivating connections online. Online brand communities drive sales and engagement, period. Natalie Koltun @natalie_koltun. A healthy majority – 80% of consumers – say that it is authenticity that motivates them to follow a brand, according to Potion. In other words, the brand or product becomes the centre of a large network that includes content consumption, relationships, knowledge exchange, influence, lead generation and much more. How brands are building community with their shoppers. Every brand community starts with a few members who believe in the brand beyond the products. With a little bit of effort and creativity, you stand a great chance of engaging existing customers and raising your bottom line in terms of prospects and exposure. Community building, on the other hand, focusses on engaging the 1%. Whatever community initiatives and actions a brand established with their buyers before COVID-19—maybe through in-store experiences and events—that … 9% Respond . Each one of the above brand com­mu­ni­ties offer a unique set of virtues that ensure their suc­cess. Now let's get to the part about how brands are building community with their customers. To vary­ing degrees, each pos­sess­es the three pil­lars of feed­back, advo­ca­cy, and sup­port that have come to define a thriv­ing com­mu­ni­ty. John Hazard/Marketing Dive Author By. In the end, we will … Whether you launched your small business a few months ago or ten years ago and are looking to keep growing, creating a strong brand community can help you get there. But can they sustain momentum once the pandemic subsides? post; share; tweet; Experiential … Building community as brand presence . Start building your brand community today. 1% Create. Community Building Online. Brands often cast a wide net, marketing to the broader 90%. Published April 6, 2020 Share it. Why Should Brands Build A Strong Brand Community? How Brands Can Build Belonging. Most of the thinking about brand-led community building focuses on what could be described as “fandom”– people loosely aggregated around a brand.