Eldredge said updating Napa’s water system to deliver fluoride would cost more than $1 million, according to a 2003 estimate, the latest available. Reasons: there are more cost effective ways to provide dental care; fluoride works topically, no need to ingest; inappropriate to prescribe a medication by approving fluoridation; individuals deserve to decide for themselves. Hoopa Indian Reservation (Humboldt County) / (11/21/2013) Fluoridation stopped by unanimous vote of the Hoopa Tribal Council, just weeks into their new terms. White Salmon, Washington In spite of an unresolved lawsuit, the City of Escondido water began water fluoridation in 8/2004. 11/7/00 3/5/01 Morgan Hill, California, 6/9/03 4/7/99 Ste. Orfordville, Wisconsin Washoe County (Reno, Lake Tahoe), Hutchinson, Kansas Cumberland, Maryland The city could wind up spending $126,000 a year blending water to dilute the arsenic or removing it from the well, Perry said, noting that water utility staffers are still investigating this issue. SOURCES: http://fluoridealert.org/news/modesto-city-council-puts-formal-end-to-flouride-plans/ ; OHCD_June_Board_Report [pdf], Morgan Hill, City of, Santa Clara County: Rejected fluoridation (03/07/1990) on the independent initiative of City of Morgan Hill water department employees, who stopped ordering fluoridation chemicals for the seventeen groundwater wells that are the City’s exclusive source of water. 11/6/01 3/12/98 Largo, Florida 5/19/92 Plainville, 6/1/01 17 on the CDPH fluoridation priority funding schedule. Kailspell, Montana 4/1/02 2/01 X – Los Altos Hills, Town of (Purissima Hills Water District)Santa Clara County: Rejected fluoridation in 1993, but receives its water from now fluoridated San Francisco (SFPUC). [72] Excerpts from: Status of Oral Health in California:Oral Disease Burden and Prevention 2017 by the California Department of Health Last September, the city of Napa raised water rates for the next five years so it could invest $3 million annually in its aging water system. The recommendations of HHS resulted from an updated review of the various current sources of fluoride, including water fluoridation. 3/7/90, Washoe County (Reno, Lake Tahoe), 12/14/95 Providence City, Utah Bellingham, Washington 1/10/02 Methuen, Massachusetts Stromsburg, Nebraska Valley of the Moon Water District, Sonoma County: Rejected fluoridation (04/07/2015). McPherson, Kansas Campbell River, BC, Canada Port Hardy, B. C., Canada Squamish, B. C., Canada. Pequannock, New Jersey They leave the choice to the cities. 11/4/93 10/17/92 The Woodside Town Council voted 6-1 to tell its water supplier, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, that Woodside does not want fluoride added to its water. 11/20/02 SOURCE: California Department of Public Health Drinking Water Program 2013 Annual Fluoridation Report [PDF]. 5/7/03 Residents who receive water from a supplier other than the city – such as the Rincon Municipal Water District, Valley Center Municipal Water District and Vallecitos Water District – may not.” SOURCE: http://fluoridealert.org/news/escondido-set-to-add-fluoride-to-water-supply/. With the passage of AB 733 in 1995, water systems with over 10,000 service connections are required to implement water fluoridation once funding is identified. Redding, California SOURCES: http://fluoridealert.org/news/manila-measure-b-defeated-fluoride-denied/ ; http://fluoridealert.org/news/humboldt-bay-regional-water-provider-scraps-fluoride/, Modesto, City of, Stanislaus County (Charter City): Rejected fluoridationin the defeat of Measure M, and in a vote of the Modesto City Council (11/7/2001)”to drop the idea of fluoridating tap water.” DETAILS: A majority of council members personally favored fluoridation for dental health, but acknowledged “convincing voter disapproval” in the voter defeat of Measure M by more than 60 percent of of the vote. Helix is now fluoridated. Years later, Sunnyvale began to reconsider fluoridation because of planned changes by SFPUC, which provides 40 to 60 percent of Sunnyvale potable water. 4/11/95 California Water Districts and Communities Rejecting Fluoridation: A to Z Crescent City Harbor – Photo by Robert Campbell. SOURCES: http://www.fluoridealert.org/news/napa-city-council-rejects-grand-jury-recommendation-to-fluoridate-its-water/ ; http://napavalleyregister.com/news/local/napa-resists-putting-fluoride-in-its-water-supply/article_17765df6-7d4a-11e1-a426-001a4bcf887a.html, Olivehurst Public Utility (OPUD), Yuba County:  Rejected fluoridation (2/22/2013). Nonetheless, City officials raised concerns about fluoride leaching into local waterways. 11/7/00 Their reasons were many. 10/2/91 Scottsbluff, Nebraska 136 on the CDPH fluoridation priority funding schedule. San Francisco and northern Peninsula communities have received fluoridated water for about 50 years. — Some cities that have never fluoridated: Montreal. Redding, City of, Shasta County: 76 on the fluoridation priority funding schedule. 5/30/01 Sonoma, City of, Sonoma County: Rejected flouridation (2015), when the  City Council voted 3 to 2 against the proposed fluoridation of water supplied by Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA). 3/21/97 More Cities Abandon Water Fluoridation Due to Damaged Infrastructure In 2014, at least 30 communities in North America and other countries providing water to nearly 10 million people (this included the whole State of Israel) decided to reject or end water fluoridation. The report recommends the Public Health Department hire Lucy & Company, a Sacramento public relations firm, to promote the city’s fluoridation program should voters reject the Safe Drinking Water initiative. SOURCES: http://www.nofluoride.com/santa%20_barbara.cfm ; http://www.santabarbaraca.gov/gov/depts/pw/resources/faq.asp#782, Santa Cruz, City of, Santa Cruz County (Charter City) 12 on the CDPH fluoridation priority funding schedule. 6/9/03 10/25/99 The California Endowment would bankroll this grant. Mass 7/12/96 VOM Board of Directors unanimous approval of  Agenda Consent Calendar Item 3.F: Fluoride Letter to Sonoma County Board of Supervisors. SOURCE: California Department of Public Health Drinking Water Program 2013 Annual Fluoridation Report [PDF]. Tooele, Utah 7/1/98 Without changing the Municipal Code, San Diego began water fluoridation 2/2011 DETAILS: The Municipal Code was preempted by California law requiring fluoridation in any water district with at least 10,000 active connections, when an outside funding source is available. Whitehorse, Yukon Terr Can. 7/28/98 Yes, supposedly around 61,5% of Americans receive fluoridated water, which still means that around 38,5% don't receive it, that would be around 119350000 people. Billings, 12/15/98 Sebastopol is not an SCWA customer, so its potable water supply is not threatened by fluoridation through SCWA. Monroe, Since the fluoridation program was initiated in the mid-1990s, the population of California citizens with access to fluoridated public drinking water has steadily risen. Washington, Missouri 1993 6/17/93 Washoe County, Nevada Cotati, City of, Sonoma County: Rejected fluoridation (11/12/2013) in a unanimous vote of the City Council, after watching and discussing presentations on both sides. 8/8/00 2/92 12/14/90 Santa Rosa, City of, Sonoma County (Charter City): 152 on the CDPH fluoridation priority funding schedule. 11/7/00 Under that law, cities need not fluoridate unless they can line up money outside local taxes, fees and rates. Modesto, 11/19/99 Kitimat, B. C., Canada 11/96 Rejected fluoridation (10/01/2013) in a 4 to 1 City Council vote. CITY GOVERNMENT RESPONSE TO THE BALLOT INITIATIVE:  An election “will provide a good opportunity for the community to have a dialogue/debate on the pros and cons of fluoridation,” Redding City Manager Mike Warren said in his report to the council, adding that “the discussion can now include costs.” COSTS: The report shows start-up costs about twice earlier estimates, including costs for hydrofluosilicic acid injectors for the city’s two treatment plants and 14 wells ($1.4 million), concrete buildings or additions to house the tanks and pumps at the plants and the wells ($246,302), a truck to haul the chemical ($38,000) and improved communication systems at the wells and plants ($155,000).