I couldn’t get the binder to attach securely to the base plate with the provided screws either. The machine being used in … I emailed Brother and Walmart.com who confirmed by email that the machines sold at Walmart.com are the same machines internally and externally as sold at authorized dealers so that seems like a great value. This setting will help with feeding the tape binding through, plus it won’t look large like it would on regular hemming. This might sound odd, but to get to get a balanced seam without wrinkles I had to lower the differential substantially. When I bought the Janome Coverpro binder attachment last year for my coverstitch machine, I had high hopes that I would be able to achieve professional looking binding on my knit garments. Experiment and see what works for you. If I had known this beforehand I would have bought that one instead of the Janome. I am looking for the screws that hold the binding attachment to the machine. As someone who struggled a ton too before I figured all the stuff out, I totally know the frustrations! […] to learn how to succeed with coverstitch binder attachment? Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Reply. You do not have to stretch the binding; the foot will guide it though at the right tension. Hehe, yes it does require some patience and just like you I already felt confident in my old ways of making a knit binding. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . Brother SA230CV Bias Tape Binder Binding Set for CV3440, CV3550 CoverStitch Machines Only (Use SA224CV for 2340CV Only) Half Price, 50% Off MSRP $99.99 Brother SA224CV Coverstitch Bias Tape Binder Foot Set, Use 1/4in 6mm or 1/2in 12mm Ready Made Bias Tape on 2340CV Machines Only I like the clear presser foot from Janome (Amazon affiliate link). tips and tricks for the coverstitch binder attachment, How to make a grosgrain application on slit pockets, Sewing Drawstrings on a Leggings waistband: Aila tutorial, https://www.etsy.com/shop/mrRubenWoodcraft, A guide to Janome Coverpro accessories and presser feet | Last Stitch, How to succeed with the coverstitch binder attachment - The Last Stitch - The Best of Minecraft Skins, Buildings and Houses, Video: Fall makes: Sewing a 4-piece activewear collection. But I will say the finish looks so nice once I got it right I felt it was worth it! Sew a few stitches to make sure your needles are hitting the binding and adjust right and left as needed. http://www.thelaststitch… #thelaststitch #sewing […]. The binder attachment in the video is the Dual Function Fold Binder (https://www.brother-usa.com/products/SA231CV) and that attachment is only compatible with the Brother Single Sided Cover Stitch Machine CV3440 (https://www.brother-usa.com/products/CV3440) and the CV3550 Double Sided Cover Stitch machine (https://www.brother-usa.com/products/CV3440). After a lot of practising it just went smoother, even though the machine at the store was already set up correctly. Roll the tape on an empty toilet roll and put it on a paper towel stand, This will help to feed the tape evenly and keep it from collapsing before it is fed into the binder attachment. The Janome Coverpro Binder Attachment  (Amazon affiliate link). These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. which could be used on THE Dream Machine (https://www.brother-usa.com/products/sa109). TAPE BINDER. You can check out the video I made for all the details, but here are the basic steps for using a binding attachment. Just followed your instructions and used your settings and I got a perfect binding. So I decided to do some diligent research, reading blogs and Facebook groups and then just do some extensive testing and practising with the mindset that it is possible to achieve good results with the binder attachment. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Hi Johanna, I’ve been practicing with my new binder and have found placing little rubber washers under the screws attaching the binder to the base plate helps to stop the plates from moving, have ordered your book & can’t wait to get it I’ve got lots to learn! What about the position of the serpentine? I tried both the included and the regular clear presser foot. Binder Sewing Machine Presser Foot Fits All Low Shank Snap-On Singer*, Brother, Babylock, Euro-Pro… Used on industrial flatbed coverstitch machines made by Artisan, Brother, Juki, Kansai Special, Pegasus, … My husband had a look at it and he says it is because the edgings around the holes for the screws are very slightly raised above the plate. I’m thinking about getting an extension table and attaching a binder to that. I believe I read this while looking at a magnetic seam guide product description on Joann.com. Walmart.com was selling the Brother CV3440 for $504.99. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but when I took the class the plate wasn’t stable either on that machine. This is a cheaper solution than spending Australian$199 for a Janome binder/plus plate. Required fields are marked *, © 2020 Stitching Sewcial All Rights Reserved. I find it interesting that you still had to tape down the plate even when it was screwed to the attachment points. I am hoping your tips will save me a lot of time and frustration! Place the wrong side of the fabric facing you and then push the fabric through the foot guides. But I soon realised that only a particular pre-cut cotton interlock fabric works well with the binder attachment. When you get to the end of your neckline, sew all the way off and then cut the binding to free your shirt from the cover stitch. Use the little screws that came with your machine to attach the binding foot to the front of your machine. This is awesome. Hi! Easiest fix is to use one or two washers between the screw and the hole, which has worked for me, but failing that, he said to remove the plate and give a few passes of a metal file over the top of the hole to bring it level or even slightly below the plate. I had mine down to 0.5, but I think 0,75 would have been optimal on the Janome. I’m not sure if the Janome has a higher presser foot lift capability and/or removing fabric might be easier on the Janome than on the Brother coverstitch?