A stand provides protection, as well as convenience, during such stints. 4.0 of 5 stars (34) Reviews. One obvious advantage is that this is much quicker to achieve in a live setting - this type of clutch tends to be the best. For instance, if you need to attach another microphone for recording your guitar, you can add a boom arm like the On Stage Posi lock Sidemount boom. Grip clutches utilize a one-handed squeeze to tighten into place. Since this mounts on a table, it becomes part of the furniture. It's built using industrial standards that ensure the product is well suited for professional use. Find out about our Product Rating process and policies, 2. Pros: + Convenient + Mount Clamp for easy fixing + Scissor arm for easy positioning. Description Additional information Reviews (6) Description. Not only do you have the convenience of holding the mic, but also other necessary aspects, such as holding a phone to record or read lyrics from. Some have low heights, designed for kick drums or other specialty uses. However, it releases quickly, so when you're in the groove and want to move on stage you can easily do so. A lot of the time, people are sitting down, so they'll need a lower height. See Also: Best Guitar Stands for Electric and Acoustic Instruments. If you are buying for a child, then a tripod boom stand might be the right choice. It can be so convenient while recording because you don't have to remove the headphones then place them somewhere else; you can hang them on this hanger and go about your business! They're used mainly for kick drums (click here to find your mic!) Technical support These are a lot more stable and do not tend to flip over. This arm is termed as the boom arm and can be adjusted in length and angle. Similarly, the height can be adjusted between 42 and 94 inches. USB Microphones ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Versatile design folds flat for use as straight mic stand, Sturdy steel construction; ultra-light for easy transport, Compatible with 3/8-inch to 5/8-inch adapter; clip-on cable holder keeps cords out of the way, Tripod boom microphone stand holds microphone securely in place (microphone clip sold separately), Long boom arm with molded plastic counterweight for horizontal placement. DR makes professional quality products, therefore the price is higher compared to others. In fact, on-set, this pole is often called a fish pole. The good quality ones tighten pretty fast while others take several turns. A lightweight stand may not be able to hold this kind of mic very well, so make sure you check out the weight of the stand to see if it's appropriate for the mic you have. Boom microphone stands give the best of both worlds—stability and diverse positioning options. It's built using industrial standards that ensure the product is well suited for professional use. It's also super customizable in terms of length. The stand can be removed from the base and packed separately with the other equipment. An example of this is the DR Pro Tripod Mic Stand with Telescoping Boom, where the boom and angle arm can be adjusted for height, both at the same time. This stand from Ultimate Support is what every rocker needs for his or her performance. Pros: + Adjust both Height and Angle + Quick-N EZ adaptor + Light Tripod Stand. Pros: + Great for On-stage use + Easily adjustable height + Powder coated finish. For instance, the Ultimate Support PRO-ST Pro Series Microphone Stand with an Oversized Steel Tubing has a heavy rounded base that keeps the stand in position at all times. Atlas Sound MS-10C Round Base Mic Stand, 6. To get high quality, you have to spend a little more money. My Stands MY - STANDS MIS-003 tripod boom microphone stand, Ideal for mics at studio, church, bands, musicians, educational institutes 4.7 out of 5 stars 15. This can attach to the stand at any point, transforming it into a multiple microphone stand. you can remove them from the base and take with you as you move around on stage. For amateurs, a moderate-quality, lightweight stand should do the job. Some microphones are heavy and, therefore, require a heavy-duty stand. In a sedentary setting, this stand is the best option you can go for. The internal counter clutch holds the upper shaft in place. It's better than having no filter at all! The boom arm is made from two pieces so you can adjust the length according to your own preference. That's not always the case, as some newer models have foldable legs, making the stand much smaller. The boom arm also has a proper hidden cable management channel. From boom to tripod legs, you have an ample range. This chrome plated stand for microphones from Atlas has a round base, so you can be sure about its sturdiness. It is, without doubt, one of the sturdiest mic stands on the market. Almost all the microphone stands have an adjustable height. This brand is pretty well-known for their musical equipment - they know how to produce durability while achieving affordability. Weight is an important consideration when buying a mic stand. This makes it an ideal stand for those hurried setups where you don't have a lot of time to fix equipment. Podcasting has become very popular over the years and, to have the highest quality podcast, your equipment should be the best as well. If you have a lot of mic stands, carrying all of them can be quite a hassle. A broomstick, microphone stand, or fishing pole can be used to hold the microphone aloft. Are the microphone stands compatible with all mics? A lot of people generally assume that a heavier stand would not make a portable or suitable choice on stage. You don't have to hunch or fix yourself in one position. All these accessories are cheap and easily available. Such an addition is necessary when you're playing the guitar and want the sound recorded or amplified. makes it durable and resistant to dirt. In addition to functioning as a straight microphone stand, the unit also allows for horizontal placement of a microphone thanks to its long boom arm. It wouldn't be wrong to say that its use therefore can be applied to diversified settings.