Posted by. Rasputin Dreamweaver enters the battlefield with seven dream counters on it.

Remove a dream counter from Rasputin: Add {C}.

Remove a dream counter from Rasputin: Prevent the next 1 damage that would be dealt to Rasputin this turn.

At the beginning of your upkeep, if Rasputin started the turn untapped, put a dream counter on it.

Rasputin can't have more than seven … Remove a counter to make 2 mana, and then tap and spend one to put it back on. Close. I play in a competitive metagame that includes stuff like roon, narset, grand arbiter, nekusar, kaalia, tasigur and all kind of cutthroat decks. Rasputin Dreamweaver combo blink! Rasputin Dreamweaver combo blink! 2 years ago. Ra-Ra-Rasputi'mrakul - Rasputin Dreamweaver Combo. Legallity. This is a combo oriented blue and white control deck. 4. DECK HELP. € 359,16. for each exile add 7 colorless manas. 2. Combo Eldrazi Displacer +Rasputin Dreamweaver . Cryptic Trilobite and Rasputin Dreamweaver. Lord of Jank Decks. It pretty consistently sits there for about six turns then combos off. Similarly, the various decks that need a lot of colorless mana from Rasputin Dreamweaver are going to love Cryptic Trilobite! € 14,20. If you're looking for a mildly degenerate Rasputin deck, well here you go. Ra-Ra-Rasputi'mrakul - Rasputin Dreamweaver Combo. The Trilobite is a great card as you can essentially tap it for a colorless mana if it has at least two counters. Help Needed xpost/r/competitiveedh. Explicação e interação do deck. This is my rasputin dreamweaver edh deck! Archived. Posted by u/[deleted] 5 years ago. Infinite Mana. Help Needed xpost/r/competitiveedh. Close. Espero que gostem Lista do deck de Commander do Rasputin Dreamweaver. Introduction Welcome to my Rasputin Dreamweaver thread. Archived.