Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After doing so, Delta returns to the hotel and clears the debris. This awakens his memories of his previous life as Zachary Hale Comstock, and his responsibility in the death of Anna, an alternate version of Elizabeth, which led him to revert to his old identity and to come over to Rapture in order to escape from his guilt. But forthose wanting to pick up the game but are hesitant because they never played the first one, don't worry. As the doors open, Jack meets Andrew Ryan face to face, and moves toward him. Delta kills him and collects his override key, which he uses to drain Dionysus Park and save Sinclair. Fontaine's criminal influence and monopoly of ADAM threatened the current social structure and order within the city. However, as he approached his final destination, the boat was attacked by Splicers. His research also led him to create the Big Sisters, adolescent Little Sisters too old to carry out their function, but still under the effects of their mental conditioning. Inside the Silver Fin, she learns that Suchong was using the Tear she once went through to spy on Columbia and its inhabitants, making new discoveries useful for his own research and eventually building his own Lutece Device. Atlas tells Jack to make his way down to Fontaine Fisheries, where he meets Peach Wilkins. Jack's influence became less direct in Rapture, and Tenenbaum soon left with most of the remaining Little Sisters. The main part of the park is Journey to the Surface, a ride where children travel in Bathysphere-like tram cars and go through a city-like setting that shows how the people's work, art, lives, money, and freedom are taken away on the surface world by God and Government, all designed to scare children to never go to the surface. Delta is contacted by Lamb, who says that she knew all along that Poole had flooded the park and that he was a spy for Ryan, planted as a mole in The Rapture Family by Sinclair. There are three main endings (a good ending, a neutral ending, and a bad ending) along with two possible variations … Seeing that he no longer responds to the "Would You Kindly" command phrase, Fontaine uses another phrase to which Jack is conditioned to respond to. The power struggle between the two led to the city’s collapse. Eleanor thinks the only way to get rid of the water is to boil it away, but this will require a large amount of ADAM, which will have to be obtained from the few Little Sisters kept in the Pediatric Wards. The serious violence began on the New Year's Eve of 1958, when Atlas supporters attacked various key locations in the city, including the upper-class Kashmir Restaurant. Throughout 1959, a full-scale decline of Rapture took place, with many large battles occurring between the armies of Andrew Ryan and Atlas. Visit our corporate site. Ryan continued to use the press to encourage the citizens with reports of his progress against the rebellion. Eventually, even the newspapers were forced to cease publication as Ryan issued Security Order 217. His last wish is for Delta and Eleanor to take the lifeboat and escape. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. To infiltrate the high-technology district, she reactivated another Big Daddy of the Alpha Series, Subject Sigma (Σ). Booker tries to grab Sally and she is revealed to have been turned into a Little Sister, much to Booker's despair. In this period of great turmoil, an old political adversary of Andrew Ryan, Dr. Sofia Lamb, took control of the city. Atlas appears and orders Lonnie to finish her off. These new Bots and Protectors were ultimately never involved in the war, as Minerva's Den, the center for advanced technology in Rapture, was isolated from the rest of the city by Reed Wahl. Lamb overrides and opens the locked door to the ticket booth, and it is left to the player to decide Stanley's fate. Suchong holds his end of the bargain and she sends him the hair sample via Pneumo Tube, however Andrew Ryan gets hold of the situation and addresses Elizabeth via security monitors to offer her a deal: to work for him, guaranteeing her safety but not Sally's, or to die with Atlas and his rebels. During the Civil War, Splicers learned how to take down Big Daddies, to retrieve the ADAM from the Little Sisters, harvesting the slugs embedded within them, resulting in the girls' deaths. Jack, a passenger on a commercial aircraft flying over the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, reads a letter attached to a gift from home that begins with "Dear Jack, Would You Kindly not open until..." (with the rest of the letter obstructed; the whole content of the letter is later revealed when confronting Andrew Ryan at his office. During the same period, Brigid Tenenbaum, who had vanished after renouncing the Little Sister Program, began to abduct Little Sisters to save them. As per Ryan's philosophy, unfortunates were left to find their own way to prosperity. Inside the bathysphere is Tenenbaum waiting for him. Sinclair tells Delta to go into the train and meet him at Ryan Amusements. He is currently under the W.Y.K. She is able to access Suchong's hidden Laboratory at the back of his clinic through a secret maintenance passage. Elizabeth continues to explore the place, eventually reaching a laboratory room where Suchong is working. She learned that this supercomputer may help her to create a cure for ADAM sickness, but it is kept in Minerva's Den by Reed Wahl, Porter's former colleague gone mad by splicing. If during the game the player killed multiple Little Sisters, Tenenbaum states that Jack has succumbed to his lust for ADAM and snatches the nearest Little Sister when Fontaine is dead. After this, Ryan assumed control of Fontaine Futuristics[13] and began to produce Plasmids and Tonics within his own company, Ryan Industries. Jack battles Fontaine, attacking and damaging him constantly, forcing Fontaine to repeatedly teleport back to his ADAM-injection device for stronger splicing. [9] Reporter Stanley Poole of the Rapture Tribune acted as an undercover spy for Sinclair, becoming a member of the "Rapture Family"—Lamb's followers. Wales preaches in the Pumping Station which is locked by a code, and his brother, Daniel Wales, knows the code. As Jack, evidently the plane crash's lone survivor, surfaces, he swims for the only structure in sight: a lighthouse shining brightly among the dark night sky and ocean. Delta arrives at a poor-housing district known as Pauper's Drop, when suddenly Rapture is put on a citywide lockdown by Lamb. If Delta rescues at least one Little Sister and harvests at least one Little Sister he gets a choice ending, in which he can choose to either live or die. Delta can now see through the Little Sister's eyes and sees Rapture as a heavenly place instead of the nightmarish reality that it is. This may add to the longevity or replay-ability of the title and give a greater sense of impactful storytelling and reinforcement of player input in the game world itself. Unfortunately, the Daddies weren't enough to keep Atlas' forces from attacking the Sisters for their ADAM. The illegitimate son of Andrew Ryan and his mistress, Jack is the hero of the first BioShock. Poole got the news that Lamb would be returning, and in an act of paranoia sabotaged the Park's drainage pipe line, flooding Dionysus and drowning all potential witnesses. He is now roughly twice the height of a normal human being and possesses fiery, icy, and electric skin, as well as many deadly Plasmid attacks. Tenenbaum then explains that the only way for the Little Sisters to trust and follow Jack is if they think he is a Big Daddy. Depending on how the Little Sisters have been treated Eleanor says different things during this sequence. The fall of Rapture was due to ADAM, which caused people to turn into vicious, mutated drug-addicts known as Splicers. This is where the player's choices affect the storyline: if Delta rescued the Little Sisters, then Eleanor will follow in his footsteps, becoming a forgiving and loving person. Mark Meltzer, a father living with his family on the American east coast, was the first to notice the similarities in these abductions. Apparently, Sofia was arrested by Ryan because of her conflicting ideals. The crew was slaughtered and the boat was left adrift.