Thin woks tend to be used much more for quicker cooking methods such as stir-frying, blanching and boiling. I also like the fact that it has not just one handle, but two. It's dishwasher safe, and a great size for cooking large portions for family and friends. The best woks to buy. It's versatile, too – suitable for induction, solid plate, ceramic, radiant ring, gas or halogen. However, honestly, I found the richness of flavour pales in comparison to the carbon steel wok, and my stir-fry took longer to cook – but in fairness, the results are evenly cooked and perfectly acceptable. School of Wok "Wok Star" 12" carbon steel wok. If you really insist on going for a non-stick standard wok, rather than an uncoated carbon steel or a non-stick ceramic wok (my preferences), then Ken Hom's performance non-stick wok is a good bet. Top choice i TOP 1. Plus, those handles get too hot for me to comfortably hold on to, and my fingers feel too close to the roaring flame. "No non-stick pan will last forever," says Moran. Best Wok UK 2020. iAffiliate link. Once the wok has stopped smoking and the colour has changed to a matt dark grey, it has been seasoned and should be ready to use, Make sure to season all the way around the wok, not just on one spot. We participate in the Amazon Associates Program. Wok rings (see stainless steel School of Wok 10" wok ring, £6.53, Amazon) are great for using round bottom woks on flat surfaces. But the theatre of the process of seasoning is well worth the effort. Like the Scanpan GTX, it has an eco-friendly non stick coating (always look out for PFOA-free), and the two-year guarantee promises more durability than other non-stick woks. The top 10 list of the best woks lists various manufacturers and prices. In terms of metal, other options include cast iron (quite heavy), or even stainless steel, but these are a little more niche, so I stuck to standard non-stick, non-stick ceramic and traditional carbon steel. School of Wok Wok & Roll 33cm round bottom wok. The cast stainless steel handles stay cool (and look swish). Allow the wok to smoke and change colour once again. (I've explained how to do so at the bottom of this article). I'd definitely recommend it if you're new to cooking with chef-approved carbon steel, and for the price, it's a brilliant investment – no need to order a takeaway ever again (money saver for me; not such good news for Deliveroo). "My favourite non-stick pan is the Scanpan GTX – their manufacturing method is unlike anything else on the planet," recommends Jason Moran, owner of Season Cookshop, which offers a careful curation of cookware, painstakingly selected by chefs and home cooks. It's shiny and attractive, and doesn't require too much oil to coat your food; but for me, it was a bit too much like a frying pan in shape, and not enough like a wok. The School of Wok’s Jeremy Pang shares his top tips to demystify the process. I'll start with a bamboo steamer (10" bamboo steamer, £20, Amazon): the bamboo weaving is fantastic for steaming as it collects condensation (as opposed to metal or glass lids that lend themselves to a lot of dripping water). But what to choose –standard non-stick, non-stick ceramic or traditional carbon steel? It is not a wok test. The GreenPan Cambridge is another example of an excellent non-stick ceramic wok, a bit like the ScanPan GTX. The 12" model is perhaps a little heavy for its size, but the wooden bamboo handle is pleasant to hold, and it seasons food beautifully. It's made in Australia from one seamless piece of fine 2mm Australian iron (low carbon steel). "It’s got seven layers to conduct heat: they take a molten ceramic and blast it onto the pan at twice the speed of sound.". It comes with a lifetime guarantee, it's oven safe up to 200°C, and is both PFOA and PTFE free. Like the School of Wok carbon steel wok, this needs to be seasoned and results in delicious stir fries. For the top 10 list we consider only products that are available on Amazon while the ranking is based on factors such as customer reviews, number of sales and keyword. While the resulting intensity of flavour doesn't quite match up to the fiery simplicity of the carbon steel pan, the results are far from bland, delivering deliciousness without the fuss and faff. The Scanpan GTX is coated in a non-stick material, so, unlike the Hancock, it can be washed up with a squirt of washing up liquid or bunged in the dishwasher – don't confuse it with lesser, throwaway non-stick woks on the market. All in, the process probably took 10 minutes, but after that, it builds up and gets better over time. All that's left to do is get cooking and building up layers of flavour on the black carbon steel. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. 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