What is the Best Refractor Telescope for Beginners? A simple AZ mount will suffice for visual and recreational use. Since this article was originally written, I have had the pleasure of testing a number of new refractor telescopes for astrophotography. Do you want wider fields of view for framing large objects like Milky Way star clouds, the LMC and SMC, Andromeda Galaxy, and Orion Nebula? Picking the best telescope for astrophotography is not easy. Choosing the best astrophotography telescope from the available options is the most difficult task. Best Telescope for Astrophotography There are different telescopes available in the market depending upon field (wide or narrow), focal length (short or long), astrophotography, image circle, etc. This will encompass aperture sizes from 70 mm to 90 mm. Our pick for best computerized refractor telescope – boasting high-end magnification and a huge 150mm aperture. Though its mount is a basic un-driven alt-azimuth design, it will still enable you to get some impressive images of the lunar surface – which is by far the best initial target to try photographing. The Celestron Advanced VX 6″ f/8 refractor telescope is an amazing piece of equipment providing incredible brightness and magnification capability, plus a fully computerized German equatorial mount. These aren’t like lenses, where you would need three or more to cover all your bases.. Telescopes are big and expensive items that consume a … It provides features comparable to much more expensive equatorial mount telescopes. The Celestron Inspire Refractor is the best telescope for astrophotography for those just getting started out, or if you're on a on a limited budget. To help you buy the Best Telescope for Astrophotography, we have researched plenty of telescopes and put together this list of the top 10 Best Telescope for Astrophotography for you. A small size refractor telescope is the best starter scope for a beginner as they provide a good balance between convenience features, optical performance, and cost. Best Astrophotography Refractor for the money - posted in Refractors : Kind of a mirror of the other thread but not that concerned with visual. That depends on what you want to achieve. Unrelated to the above question but currently I am using a Celestron 8HD tube. These telescopes will suit your needs and requirements, all the while keeping your budget in mind. The best thing about this astrophotography refractor telescope is that it uses only the finest quality glass that features a metallic high-transmission coating. Dual Speed Focuser. This refractor telescope for astrophotography comes with a 10:1 dual-speed Crayford-style focuser. The Sky-Watcher Esprit 100 is a stand-out choice but is more expensive than many of the options available on this page. Thanks to that feature you will be able to enjoy a much clearer and sharper view without any image aberrations. The best telescope for astrophotography is the one you use the most.