We have visited the location In Magic Kingdom 3 times before this, once for breakfast and twice for dinner. There’s also the possibility that some of that ‘love it’ camp is the result of confirmation bias: after doing all that work and hearing so much hype, some people probably want to love it and rate it more highly than they otherwise would have if they were able to walk-in to the restaurant without reservation. Pictures with Beast made for a perfect ending to the meal! If you’re a family with kids who will potentially be restless, the Ballroom could be appealing as it’s already pretty loud and chaotic in there, so you won’t stick out. (Guessing, honestly.). There isn’t, but if you call and talk to someone, they can let you know if something is available. All of this is to say that I think Be Our Guest Restaurant is an excellent option; however, there are good alternatives for all demographics, so if you can’t score that elusive dinner ADR, it’s not the end of the world. The most notable example of this is probably the swapping of strip steak for filet mignon. Overall I think that Be Our Guest is a wonderful Disney dining experience. Ha! I’m not sure if this was simply bad luck, because it otherwise worked. (If that were the case, you’d think we wouldn’t have been seated in the far corner of the Ballroom, but I digress.). All told, a highly recommended dish. I tried this and agreed it was delicious, and would recommend it with the portion size being my only reservation. I think if Disney wants to please the masses as far as selections go. I snagged a 5:00 pm dinner reservation. For what to do and when to do it, our Walt Disney World Ride Guides will help. We’ve had lunch there once and the food was fine, nothing special, but I just enjoy eating in the ballroom. Breakfast an lunch are considered “Fast-Casual Quick Service” meaning you order your meal prior to seating yourself and the process is much quicker than Table Service! You predicted this! My first meal was the seafood in the puff pastry that you guys had in different forms. We had wavered between this and the escargot for our second appetizer (while great, the French Onion Soup is an inexpensive lunch option), and I think we made the wrong choice…and that’s only in part because soup is the most boring subject for food photography. On virtually every visit to Magic Kingdom for the last few years, we’ve stopped by the Be Our Guest Restaurant podium at 4 p.m., and have also played the ‘constantly refresh’ game on the My Disney Experience app. During our first trip to WDW, my family lucked out and scored dinner reservations for our last evening at Magic Kingdom. If I were feeling curmudgeonly, I might complain that a Signature Restaurant doesn’t offer a selection of ambitious dessert options, but I can’t here. All of that is dependent upon factors that are largely beyond Disney’s control. Also listening to the storm build, the last petal to drop and the painting to turn from the Prince to the Beast! Following starters, Sarah ordered the Roasted Lamb Chop served with Potato Pavé, Artichokes, Tomato Salsa, and Lamb Demi-glace. Again a very special night. It seemed like a pretty average seafood mix at the time; the sort of thing cheap microwave dinners aspire to ape. It could be longer but unlikely will revert to “normal” before then. I was quite impressed with the steak. If we’re able to keep our December trip, we’re only going to Magic Kingdom once so I’m trying to decide where to get an ADR. , Your email address will not be published. It was my birthday and the waitresses really made me happy i went here. Can you tell me how much is the fixe price dinner? I can’t find mention of them no longer doing dinner service on Thursdays??? We were extremely disappointed with the breakfast that we had there. For where to eat, read our Walt Disney World Restaurant Reviews. Based on what I’ve heard, I would say 70% of guests love dinner at Be Our Guest Restaurant, while 20% hate it, and 10% are fairly indifferent. My husband and I are considering taking a semi-last minute trip at the end of May and I will definitely try repeatedly to snag a reservation but am a huge beauty and the beast fan and this will be my first time to go to Disney World, so I really want to at least see the inside! And the food was mediocre at best. My husband first tried to order the Coq Au Vin, but they were… out? I think we decided to go in March and actually went in May? Be Our Guest Restaurant at Magic Kingdom has switched to a 3-course prix fixe menu for lunch and dinner. Disappointed we didn’t get to have our before the park is open breakfast this year – hopefully another time. The setting is highly themed and immersive. If you only traveled to Disney World once a year, couldn’t utilize the park hopper, and only booked one of your seven park days in Magic Kingdom, which restaurant do you think you’d lean towards? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The food was not good and some of our parties couldn’t even eat their meal The only thing there was the “rose,” It was very costly and very disappointing. Sarah started with the “Maine Lobster Bisque: Crème Fraîche and Poached Lobster.”. In the past, I’ve lamented that this is my least favorite room in the restaurant. That simply wasn’t the case any longer….at least in August of 2016. Not scared at all. Now, on to food. Hey Tom! (Updated July 5, 2020.). Be Our Guest Dinner Review Be Our Guest is a sit-down restaurant at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. It’s also really close to making our list for the best values on the Disney Dining Plan at dinner. Planning other aspects of a Walt Disney World trip? Anyway, as we said when this change was announced, we’re surprised it didn’t happen earlier. (Updated July 5, 2020.) The wait staff was very attentive and our food was delicious. We also have a Lunch at Be Our Guest Restaurant Review and a Breakfast at Be Our Guest Restaurant Review (which we also recommend reading to determine which meal(s) is/are right for your party–they are all very different from one another). Even if yours is only 75% this good, it’s the must-order dish on the new prix fixe menu. Has anyone else run into this issue? For my entree, I ordered the Sautéed Shrimp and Scallops with Lobster, Mushrooms, and Seasonal Vegetables in a creamy Lobster Sauce. The food was really good, portions large enough but dessert nothing special really. We had a bigger group so of course everyone can not be happy with everything. Christmas there was spectacular!! Any questions we can help you answer? Hi Tom, we just returned from our Disney visit a few days ago. You really feel like you’ve stepped into a fantasy world once you enter Beast’s Castle. We have also been extremely fortunate in so far as the first few times we ate there, the dinner was excellent….but not this last time…not in august, 2016. I’m really glad we made that choice for two reasons: First, we were able to get seated in the West Wing, which I definitely preferred over my previous seatings in the main ballroom. This review features photos of food, the restaurant when empty, and our thoughts on the experience and quality of eating here. It’s difficult to tell from the photo, but the portion here was generous. It originally was a unique dining experience with some pretty decent dinner selections….and yes…the falling snow was a real nice touch…but falling snow isn’t worth eating only fair dinners at these prices )You’re probably all familiar with Be Our Guest Restaurant by now. The buggiest disappoint for me was the dessert. You’re probably all familiar with Be Our Guest Restaurant by now.